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Showtime All-Star Wrestling TV Review by Larry Goodman

----New TV report from Larry Goodman.

Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Airing January 1, 2011 on The America One Network
Taped November December 11, 2010 at Morton’s Auction House in Columbia, TN

Paul Adams addressed the status of his A-Team. He questioned the credibility of referee Kurt Herron for disqualifying Jesse Emerson during his last televised match. Adams said Herron’s cred was so low he needed to show two forms of ID to shop with cash at Kroger. Adams admitted that “The Problem Solver” David Young had compiled a less than stellar record under his managerial guidance. Adams announced that going forward he was Young’s life coach.

It is all about positive thinking from Mr. Positivity himself, Paul Adams. Now over the last week, I’ve had David Young in the gym and you are not going to believe the transformation since the last time you saw him. I’m telling you this man right now, he can’t even utilize air travel anymore because his buns of steel are setting off metal detectors in airports around the country. He is ready to make a return to Showtime All-Star Wrestling, like I said, with Paul Adams as his life coach. The next stage of his career, the next stage of his life, begins right here tonight at the SAW Mill.

Michael Graham delivered the news that Phil Shatter had retained the SAW Title at “Fight Before Christmas” in match that included quite the parting shot from TNA signee Tommy Mercer, but if we want to see it, we’ll have to shell out $10 bucks for the DVD at Graham ran down the upcoming hour and….”It’s show time and SAW starts now!”

Cut to Adams waving his towel as he led Young and the A-Team entourage to the ring. Young was wearing a polyester superhero costume. Young flexed his fake muscles. Graham was at a loss for words.

1 – DAVID YOUNG (with Paul Adams & Rick Santel & Roxy) vs. VORDELL WALKER

Young complained that Walker pulled his costume to knock him on his ass. Walker came out on top of a mat scramble, forcing Young to the ropes. Walker made Young pay for trying to cheat on the break. Young jetted to ringside, where Adams unzipped the suit so he could dab the sweat off off his back. Coming out the commercial break, Young was control with a rear chinlock. Young powered out and decked Young with an flying roundhouse kick. Young used Walker’s momentum to toss him through the ropes. Santel did some dirty work. The SAW Mill fans chanted for a Walker comeback, only to see Young repeatedly cut him off. Young did the slit throat motion before running headlong into a Samoan drop. Both men slow to rise. Walker on fire. Young with mad bumps. When Walker hit the STO, Adams jumped up to distract. Walker grabbed Adams by his tie. Young pulled a chain out his suit and nailed Walker right in front of ref Joe Williams for the DQ.     

WINNER: Walker via DQ at 8:45.

January 15 at Freddie’s Auction in House (since moved to the HWA Arena in LaVergne in conjunction with the Gulas Memorial), Tommy Mercer vs. Chase Stevens, Derrick King Enterprises vs. Picture Perfect. Also appearing will be Vordell Walker, Ryan Genesis, Shane Williams, Arrick Andrews, A-Team and Hammerjack. Bell time is 7pm.  

During the Break…Adams was upset with Williams for making it two straight DQ losses against A-Team.

Former SAW Champion Kid Kash made a surprise return, calling out SAW owner Reno Riggins, who looked rather dapper for the occasion. Kash said that while he was serving out the indefinite suspension Reno meted out, he saw the TV show in which Reno informed the viewers about the theft of SAW’s equipment and tapes. Kash said he helped build SAW, he was the longest reigning International Champion in SAW history, and if anyone in the locker room had seniority, it was Kid Kash. He said SAW reminded him of a little old company in Philadelphia called ECW. “People talked bleep about it, but it changed the face of professional wrestling. I ought to know, because I was there, and I was even there from the start of that. So I see something in SAW. That’s why I’ve taken it personal that some lowlife piece of bleep would come and steal from this company.” Kash asked Reno how he would feel if somebody stole from his family. There was long pause. “I wouldn’t like it one single bit,” Reno said. Kash said SAW was like his family even if he didn’t like Reno or some of the guys in the back, and stealing from his family really pissed him off. Kash said he didn’t come back for a title shot. “

I came back for one reason, and that’s to find out who stole those tapes, who stole that equipment from the S.A.W. I watch you a couple of weeks ago, and I saw it in your eyes for the first time in many years. You’re pissed. I know you are. You’re probably damn disgusted just like I am. I heard you tell the world that if you find out who it is, you’re going to grab them by the neck and choke ‘em out with your bare hands. Well, I’m here to tell you something. I’m the one that going to be doing the choking out, if I find out who it is.

With that, Kash walked out leaving Reno standing in the ring.   

The Grumpy’s crew consisting of Santa Leah Hulan and her incredible breasts, along with “elfs” Kendra Anderson and Hope Redden invited the viewers to what turned out to be a frigid ‘Christmas in Columbia” event on Christmas night.

Next was the most amazing Dyanna Dawnn segment yet. Dawnn’s awe inspiring rendition of “One Woman Show” aired with voiceover as follows: “Her Patsy Cline like voice and Loretta Lynn type life has endeared her to many fans…Nashville record executive, Bernard Porter has dubbed Dyanna “Dynamite Dawnn,” because of her explosive personality…her unique personality, love of music and sheer determination is a powerful combination creating a genuine start right before your eyes.” To book Dynamite Dawnn or purchase DVDs go to


Graham said he found Kash’s comments to be very strange. They worked a fast, paced brawling kind of match. Hammer got two with his sitout slam. Sigmon replied with a diving headbutt for a pair of two counts. Sigmon pressed his advantage. Sigmon hit a standing dropkick for another ear fall. Graham brought up the ring rust issue related to injuries suffered in the war with Marc Anthony. Sigmon with the crash ‘n burn diving headbutt of the top. Hammer firing up. The action moved to ringside. Enter an unidentified bearded attacker who flung Hammer’s head into the post.

WINNER: Ruled a no contest when an unknown assailant (Jeff Daniels) attacked Hammerjack.

Graham acted like he didn’t know the guy, but most every viewer in Nashville knew it was Jeff Daniels. He strangled Hammer with a metal coathanger, dragged him across the floor, then hauled him inside the ring for a spectacular close up.

Don’t turn your back on Hammerjack? It’s me you better not turn your back on!...I could of finished you tonight, Hammerjack, I could have finished you tonight. But it’s way too soon.

Moments Ago….we got a replay of Daniels choking out the redneck wonder.

“The King of the Hill from Knoxville” Shane Williams addressed the faithful standing in front of the SAW logo…

Arrick Andrews, have you seen a shirt like this? No. Have you ever seen a bracelet like that? No. And you have you ever seen a watch like that? NOOOOOOOO, You have not. Last night, I wrestled Bill Dundee in the Memphis Mid-South Coliseum. What were you doing?  

Shane said Andrews was sitting at home with bandages on his face from the fireball.

And you’re going to step foot back in the ring with me. Are you crazy?...This time I’m going to do a little bit more than set your face on fire. This time, I’m going to send you home with a broken neck. So then you can go home and tell your wife and your kids exactly what happened. You can tell them (pause for an outburst of giddy laughter) that the king, The King of Memphis, broke little Arrick Andrews’ neck and he’s never (pauses to adjust the camera angle) EVER, going to wrestle again.


Andrews hit the ring with a Thesz Press. He pounded the hell out of Shane, got his back, and applied a rear naked choke. Williams went to the ropes. Williams up firing punches but outgunned by Andrews bigtime. Andrews dished out a bit of the Matt Morgan back elbow treatment. Andrews hit a back suplex for a quick two. Andrews teased a kneedrop to the nuts, and instead delivered a leaping legdrop for another two count. Graham said the Miss SAW 2011 auditions were underway at Williams ripped off one of the corner pads and whipped Andrews into the exposed turnbuckle. Andrews was writhing in agony as they went to the break. King’s underhanded tactics were replayed after the commercial. Andrews ate a boot and was dead weight as Shane turned him for a long two count. Williams pulled up the strap. Graham suggested Shane’s apparent breaks with reality might be a diversion. Shane hit a standing dropkick and made a crawling cover for two. Fist drop coming up. Andrews out of the way. Andrews with a springboard back elbow. Andrews fired up with a spinwheel kick for two and then a DDT. Shane looked done but he got a foot on the ropes. Finish saw Shane throw ref Jess Fields into the path of the Dragon’s Curse. The bump sent Fields flying out of the ring. Shane hit The Piledriver from Hell, an illegal maneuver in SAW. Second ref Joe Williams ran out and made the three count.

WINNER: Shane Williams in 10:12.

Graham said Shane would hear from SAW authorities about his misbehavior.

Afterthoughts: A busy hour this week, but in a good way, unlike that wresting show on Thursday nights. It was put together in such a way that viewers were given a chance to digest each new development. It was the best episode for mic work in a quite a while. All of the talking segments were strong. Adams is a great performer when he’s on, and the opening monologue was one of his best. It really helps that he hasn’t been overexposed of late, as he was in the early days of SAW when the roster was paper thin. In fact, he was off TV altogether during the summer when A-Team disintegrated with the retirement of Andy Douglas and Santel’s knee injury. The emphasis on the DQ finishes for A-Team is obviously going somewhere, which will become clear in the near future. Young has exhibited strong comedic tendencies during his entire SAW run. He and Adams are muy simpatico when it comes to their senses of humor. It’s a cartoonish buffoonish character of the highest order, and Young is clearly having fun with poking fun at his physique. I couldn’t stop laughing at his antics in that costume. One gimmick this outlandish is the limit, though, or the promotion risks turning into a clown show. “The King” is pretty far out there as well, however Williams has an evil, sadistic twist to his persona that makes it more serious. Segue to the arrival of one Jeff “The Crippler” Daniels in what looked like just another ho-hum TV win for Hammerjack. This was gold because the attack was totally out of the blue, and it was Daniels doing the attacking. Hard to beat strangulation by coathanger. Great attention to detail here, as Daniels explained why he didn’t finish the job right then and there. The segment between Kash and Riggins was interesting to say the least. Kash gave a great speech, which the crowd wasn’t sure how to take, and Reno had only the one line. Whatever happends from here, Kash’s presence give the show a boost in starpower. Matches #1 and #2 were fine as backdrop for story advancement. Williams and Andrews have had four matches on SAW TV now. All of them have been very good. The main event provided a significant win for King Shane, as he followed through on his promise to injury Andrews and denied him revenge for having his face burned. Overall, this was in the top tier of SAW episodes.

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