Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Conversation with Eric Wayne

----Eric Wayne talks about leaving NEW.

----In what I have to consider the first big story of the year, Eric Wayne walked away from NEW a couple of weeks back.  In the mist of working on Yearbook 2010, I actually thought this would smooth over by now and just made a small blurb in the NEW results section.  And, before I knew it, I had e-mails, texts and calls about “What happened?” and really didn’t want to comment unless one of them wanted to talk.  So, Eric Wayne joins us via e-mail for Conversation

----Ken Wayne was contacted before the interview and commented the following, “…as far as I am concerned it's an internal matter that's really none of anyone's business and I don't like to comment on internal matters. Not to mention it's a personal matter between Eric and I and I am sure not going to comment on my personal life.

-So, let’s us know what happened Eric; give us here at RRO the whole story??

I've received several texts and Facebook messages and calls from people asking what happened at NEW and felt like I'd clear the air and let everyone know what's going on. No, I'm not giving the whole story. If that becomes newsworthy, then so be it but I'm not going into detail.

Just so that everyone knows the truth, I quit NEW before the first tapings of the new year and no one forced me to do anything. I loved working there because of the style and booking. I didn't always agree with everything but I did my job and performed as best as I could.

-So, why leave??
The environment wasn't a "home" feeling for a long time. Everyone always assumed that because of my relationship to the owner that I thought I ran the place, but you were all wrong. The NEW atmosphere was what made me come back. I love all the guys working there because they all get it, not too many locker rooms like that around! Everyone knows that working for NEW means you have to bust your ass and make yourself improve to keep your job. Its a good place to go if you want honesty about your match and your work.  There were some changes going into the new year, mainly in the office, but there was a lot of excitement to start the year and really stand out. With all the fresh faces coming in and the ideas coming into play with the booking, I hate that I'm no longer there.

I won't lie when I say I'm jealous of the guys still there and that will be coming in. But I've been frustrated there for a long time, some nights were worse than others.

-Alan Steele was slated to leave and you were going to get a bigger role; right?

I was set to assume his role since I'd been asking about the entire process and wanted to learn that side of the business more in-depth. After a series of arguments, I found myself with no plans a few Fridays back.

-Do you plan on going back?

While there was some overreaction on both sides, for now, I don't anticipate coming back. After hearing several different stories about the second NEW show ever without me, I feel that maybe it was the right time to walk away. Only time will tell if I will be welcomed back and with the wrestling business, the old saying is never more prevalent: "never say never"