Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(WGN) Ric Flair creates drama in Europe, left behind at TNA hotel

----Mike Aldren reporting about Flair incident.

Ric Flair was left behind in Dublin, Ireland yesterday while on tour with TNA following an argument with live events coordinator Craig Jenkins.
The story goes that Flair requested a cash advance, was turned down, threw a tantrum, and later refused to board a bus that was transporting the rest of the crew to the airport for a flight to the next show in Germany.
The company called his bluff and left him behind at the hotel with no money or credit card. 
"It's a sad situation," said one TNA source. "Ric basically proved that he's not a team player".
The same source noted that the majority of the crew were in favor of leaving him behind.
Flair, 61, is presently locked in legal battles with multiple creditors.
He recently lost a court case with a jeweler he did not pay, and also caused a scene last year at the NWA Legends fanfest in Charlotte when he held up promoter Greg Price.