Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arena Report: NBW Legacy 4 Newbern, TN 2.12.11

----Arena Report from Saturday night.
----Show opened with a “dark” match as Tommy Redneck beat Rockin Randy.  I didn’t see that match, because we were running around with the Yearbook.  Show opened with Jeff McDonald and Allen Walker going over the night  along with a nice plug for the Yearbook.  Jeremy Moore came out to do a long mic spill with the first wrestling move of the show not being until 7:45 PM.

Brad Badd
----Ladder match: JWeezy vs Jon “Biscuit” Roberts vs C-Money vs Dell Tucker vs Shannon lee vs Blaine Devine. Started hot. All babys did a dive this is a good spot for this. Somebody used a clipboard. Too much going on to keep up with it. Weezy and Biscuit bleeding. Biscuit bleeding bad! Everybody did their finisher.Roberts was probably the top guy in this match followed by C-Money. C-money wins!  Good finish!! [**]

Stan Lee vs Chris O’Neal.  Move for move. Crowd shit on this match. They wanted to see them fight. DDT from Chris . They started trading misses. DKO. Shooting star- Tiger Bomb 2 times - kick out. Frog splash Boston crab. Reverse angle slam from O”Neal, which looked good. O’Neal missed some stuff. Tiger Bomb from O’Neal. O’Neal missed Pele kick – Lee with roll up for win to keep the MACW Title and advance to Unification Match. Sounds better on paper. Big Red jumped Lee and O’Neal after the bout. [**]

----Big Red vs Chris Rocker . Both guys worked very hard.
  Crowd into it quick, because they had a face vs heel unlike the match before it. Red used chain. Rocker hits superkick. Rocker caught with chain. Red by reversal to retain NBW Title and advance to Unification Match. [**1/2]

----Brad Badd/ Tim Edwards become the tag champions by unifying the NBW/MACW Tag Titles.
  The match was just the back story of everything going on backstage around it.  Mark Justice was scheduled to be with a partner for this match, but when he was told he would be losing, he decided to not do it.  Justice along with Mad Money Mike recently bought the ring, rights to the building and everything involved with the NBW promotion and plan to debut Full Throttle Wrestling on 2.26.11 in the same building.  New Blood Wrestling will end for the near future and we should see a big roster change along with Sarge O’Reilly coming in to be booker. More did interfere in this bout helping Badd/Edwards win the straps.  Badd looked REAL GOOD here.  He has always had the look, but his skills are improving and he did a great job.  [**1/2]

----Big Red beat Stan
  Lee to Unify the title. They fought outside the ring and broke the announcer’s table.  Red took over and Lee was bumping like a pinball. Spinebuster! They try to cheat with title belts, which was funny seeing them use both belts.  Outside interference with Big Red getting Tiger bombed !! Backup referee after a bump!  Stan with frog splash. Big Red ends it for the win. Best bout I have seen this year so far. [***1/2]

----“Road Dogg” Jesse James/Oz beat Jeremy Moore/Doug Gilbert in what was easily the most entertaining bout I have seen this year.
  This was the final blow off with either Jeremy Moore [MACW] or Jeff McDonald [NBW] taking control of the company.  This is a feud that started in July of last year!!  Dogg was fantastic on the mic at the start with him giving Moore hell.  The crowd was so into it.  They also love Oz!!  Oz took the heat – hot tag to Dogg – Dogg pins Moore and crowd goes nuts!! [***]


----Around 270 in the building with a gate close to $3,000…Two guys called “Biscuit” in the area?? What are the odds of that? ...Moore did win RRO Booker of the Year and has had success that left him on top in the Newbern/Dyersburg area..but…I groan every time he puts a gimmick match on first [ladder match], starts the show with a big interview segment [ala WWE] and the face vs face bout [O”Neal/Lee] made no sense…. Koko Anderson is really good on the mic…Can you believe it??
  This was a storyline that started in JULY of last year!!  Got to give him [Moore] props for keeping interest with the gates slowly going up and the show actually breaking their gate record for a regular show last week.  This show was close to the same gate as the Rikishi show from 4.14.07 that packed 316 in Jukebox CafĂ© building.  [I bet they made a much bigger profit on this show though] He also has done a great job putting Oz in a place where back in the day, you would say he was “money.”  And that could be a reason for the increase in crowds.  I lost sales on about 4 books, because I did not have a photo of Oz in it!! [sorry] Well, heck we sold out, but we would have done it quicker..LOL…Jeff McDonald thanked the crowd for standing behind him and announced he would giving away a free show this coming week…Doug Gilbert did a good job, just doing what Doug does.  He looks like he is in better shape and just seems to be having fun.  Dogg and him actually did photos together at intermission, but they explained it as “just doing business” when they step in the ring against each other…Motley Cruz was backstage…Fun time had by all.  Thanks to cast and crew!

Jeff McDonald, Road Dogg, Oz, Ron Bryson, Doug Gilbert and Jeremy Moore     

 Photos by Nikki Eveland!!  Thanks!!