Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Arena Report: NCW Blytheville, AR 2.05.11

----Arena Report from this past Saturday night.

----Legion with Mad Money Mike vs  Mark Justice. Match started with general moves with Legion overpowering Mark.  Mark takes over trying to get a match out of Legion.  Justice with Savage elbow from top.  Crowd into  Mark.  Heat started with help from MMM.  Money pitched in a chain.  Legion missed the punch – Mark got it and used it on him for the win. [**]

----The Big Indian “Big Money” Frank Martin vs Ron Horn.  Horn did some mic work at the front and crowd liked it.  Pure comedy to start with the running the ropes spot. Just a bunch of comedy stuff. Crowd was into it.  They fight outside the ring and then as they get back in Indian cuts off Horn to start heat.  Horn makes quick comeback.  Adrian Stratton/TW Justice jump Horn – Psycho/Pappy make save.  Challenge is made for 6-man tag match Hardcore match. [*]

----Chris  Day/Lord Humongous with Titanic vs Jerry  Spiker/Snuffy the Hillbilly with Sweet Cherry. Not much to start with, but crowd was not dead.  Snuffy did a mule kick that cracked me up!  Huey got in and worked over Snuffy.  Not bad when Huey was in there. Heat on Spiker after a couple of moves.  Spiker took some moves from Huey.  Huey is improving.  Powder backfires as  Spiker pins Day. [DUD]

----Ladder Match: Lee Michaels with Big Money Frank Martin vs Biscuit – Biscuit got a big pop.  Good start.  Michaels is soo small. Making Trouble [small valet] chased Martin to back.  Michaels dived from the top turnbuckle to floor.  Fight outside the ring.  Biscuit is over.  Biscuit juices as they fight in the corner of the building with a door.  Michaels bleeding also.  Biscuit had Michaels down but goes down and gets another door.  Both fall from ladder with a belt. After the match Making Trouble turned on Biscuit. [*]

----Rik Burton vs Anton Levigh vs Arnez NCW Title Match – Burton throws Anton out and goes after Arnez and then Arnez does the same thing.  Big boot from Burton. Triple threats do not work.  Anton looked real good here. Arnez was Arnez and Burton was Burton.  Flying kick from Anton – crowd popped.  Anton/ Burton worked good together.  All three guys worked hard. Arnez catches Anton with “slapshot” for win and retain belt.  [**]

----Psycho/Pappy/Ron Horn vs Stratton/TW Justice/Indian  They did a gimmick where they did 10 mins of wrestling and then go hardcore.  Heat on Horn when Money tripped him.  One of those bouts that you just can’t describe after they went hardcore.  Crowd was not into it as they should have been due to the bout before it. Indian took the pin after someone [was that me?? LOL] threw thumbtacks all over the ring and got threw into them.   Referee Matt Bowman took the tacks also. [***]


----150 plus in the building and they raised around $1,200 for the Blytheville Emergency Squad…Mark Justice is from here and was over. ..Legion was Big Jim [MCW] under a hood…Opening match was perfect to start it up.  Fast and babyface goes over… Indian talked about Ron’s penis, which was very family friendly…Second match was just to set up the main event….Martin is good on the mic…Kinda of weird to have Titanic as a heel and he is from the area.  Huey is a big kid.  It would be cool if he started to do flying moves. LOL…They were running angles from past Rector shows. …Horn was good on mic and told Indian at once point if he stuck a needle in his ass, he might be believable, because Indian kept doing jokes about steroids.  Horn is a much bigger guy than I thought…Matt Bowman is one of those guys that should be working for either TNA or WWE.  He is such a good referee…I had someone ask me what I thought of Biscuit as a worker backstage..well…LOL  He is over with the crowds that I have seen him in front of.  And he knows how to work the crowd very well.  He really needs to train more and train with trained people.  As I said, he works the crowd good, but needs LOTS of work in the ring.  His match was wayyyy too long and everyone in the back [main event guys] were highly pissed that during the “Ladder” match, they killed the upcoming “hardcore” match with hardcore…LeVeigh looked good, but had a hard time doing a three way.  His moves were really solid.  I was actually looking forward to his match with Kid Krazzy, but Krazzy no showed…Thanks to cast and crew.  My family enjoyed the show and was treated great!!  Thanks!!