Sunday, February 27, 2011

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 2.26.11

----Results from last night.
Stretch vs Lee Michaels
non title match. Debut of stretch, stretch had the advantage early on. He even hit a cross body to the floor. Lee Michaels came back hit him with hurricane. With help from his hall of fame manager John Harper,. Lee Michaels wins with the DDT.

Winner: Lee Michaels

Hambone Express vs Loose Cannon:
Handicap Match,. Loose Cannon had the advantage early on but the number advantage was in favor of the Hambone Express. Crowd was behind Loose Cannon. Hambone Express controlled most of the match until Hambone #1 inadvertently hit Hambone #2 with the bone. Cannon makes the cover and gets the pin fall.

Winner: Loose Cannon

Chris Stryker vs Indian (with Athena Eclipse)

Stryker had the advantage early on hitting Indian with a back body drop. Indian recovered outside of the ring while Stryker argued with Athena Eclipse. Indian gained the advantage with clotheslines. Stryker came back but was hit in the back of the head from Athena Eclipse with the ASWF European Championship belt. Indian makes the cover and wins the match.

Winner: Indian

Nacho Libre vs Hot Rod John Ellison

Ellison completely dominated the match. He hit Nacho with numerous right punches to the gut. Hot Rod proving why he is a hall of famer went for the cover and pulled Nacho up at the count of two. Hot Rod hit Nacho with a few punches then put him away with his super kick.

Winner: Hot Rod John Ellison

Adrian vs Seth Sabor
Really quick match. Seth Sabor tried to out muscle the powerful Adrian. Adrian shoulder blocked him down. Adrian started arguing with the fans. When he turned around, Seth Sabor hits the RKO for the win. Match lasted less than one minute.

Winner: Seth Sabor

Main Event: CCR vs Johnny Hawk and John Ellison

Great tag match between the Tri-State Tag Team Champions vs the ASWF Tag Team Champions. Back and forth match, neither team had the advantage. Demon X and John Ellison started fighting outside the ring. Hawk and Wild Bill joined in. Referee disqualified them. Match ends in no contest. CCR and Hawk and Ellison continued fighting after the match. Security had to break them up.