Monday, February 28, 2011

RassleResults: Full Throttle Wrestling Newbern, TN 2.26.11 - FTW DEBUTS IN NEWBERN!

----Results from Saturday night.
Oz by Nikki Eveland

1st match Kyatia vs Gaylon Ray - Gaylon went over. It  was Kyatia first appearance this kid is really good.

2nd match Sarge O’Riley vs J. Wezzy  - Sarge over with a sit down powerbomb.

3rd match Ricky Andrews vs Chris Rocker -  Ricky over when Rocker pulled a chain out.  Good babyface match spot for spot - Rocker got pissed and pulled a chain out for the DQ.

4th match The Kid vs Jon “Biscuit” Roberts - The Kid went over  - Mad Money Mike got the referee and Kid hit a spinal tap for the win.

5th match Anton LeVeigh vs Oz - Oz over.

6th Running Wolf [formerly Crazy Train] vs Shannon Lee - Lee over.

7th match Mark Justice vs “Superman” Jason Reed - Mark over .

----121 paid with 150 in the building.  Good for their debut and seem to be holding onto what NBW built in this arena…Next week all the winners  [of this week] advance to the 2nd round…The gimmick was Big Dave and Allen Wallker drew names from a bucket and that was who was going to work each other.   2nd round for the FTW Title plus 2 huge 1st round tag team title matches with the Missouri  Bad Boys vs “Naughty by Nature” [Rude and Tully]  and The “Asylum”  [Psycho/Pappy]  vs Syn/Stunner.  I like the idea of getting the champ and tag team titles out of the way.  And, PLEASE guys – have one single champion and one tag team champions!!...The fans and workers loved the new look of the building and bringing in some new and old faces that hasn’t been there…Biggest pop of the night was for Oz [who is over big time here] but Rickey Andrews and Running Wolf…LeVeigh got lots of heat and had some problems with the crowd.  Apparently his gum went out in the crowd. Anton apparently apologized  and  no heat…They used Sarge as a heel with MMM, which surprised me.  Sarge can be tons over as a baby here, but they are probably going to build for that.  With that said, Sarge might be smart here by putting himself in the opening type angle and pushing the younger guys….I have heard nothing but good things about the overall presentation of the show.  Dressing room was described as “best I have been in” with the remodeling.  No alcohol was allowed backstage and everyone was paid a guarantee [same across the board].  They will try to get a good mix of familiar faces and new faces and it will help.  On paper, this did not look like a great card, but then they are coming back next week with two big tag matches.  They also have no one in the building yet that has the heat of Jeremy Moore, but that will take time.