Sunday, February 20, 2011

RassleResults; MCW Osceola, AR 2.18.11

----Results from MCW.
Good crowd for the matches tonight !! Crowd was popping all night !!!
1st match - Winner of this match gets a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship !! Chris Idol tried his best but the experience of Lucky got Lucky the 1,2,3 !!!

2nd match - Big Jim(Heavyweight Champion) & Loose Cannon taking on The Hambone Express (Tag Team Champions) with Cookie St James !! Your winners The Hambone Express !!!
3rd match - Chris Steele,Cannon, & Hillbilly Tucker taking on The LA Hustlers & Off Hudson !! Tucker took a pretty good beating in this one until he finally gets the hot tag to Cannon and Cannon pinning one of the Hustlers for the win !!!
4th match - Stretch & Shawn vs The Missouri Bad Boyz with Cookie St James !! This was a great action packed match !! Stretch & Shawn were over & MBB were getting good heat !! Stretch & Shawn win by DQ when the MBB's get caught with brass knuckles !!
5th match - Winner of this match gets a heavyweight title shot !! Big Daddy Lafonce vs All American Frankie Tucker with Cookie St James !! Back & forth match !! Big Daddy is getting upper hand !! Out runs the Hambones to jump on Big Daddy !!! Tucker just stands there because he gets disqualified !! Costing him his shot !! ECBB's make the save !! Tucker goes to mic upset that his title shot goes to Big Daddy !! Big Daddy agrees to let Tucker have the shot if he will be his partner in Lepanto the next night !! He agrees and we will see what happens !!
6th match - East Coast Bad Boyz vs The Natural Born Playaz Mr Pimptacular & The Southside Brawler !! Very entertaining match with this feud picking up where it left off last year !! This match was thrown out as a no contest due to excessive fighting !! Great night of action !! Thanks MCW fans & RRO for your support !! God Bless !!!