Sunday, February 27, 2011

RassleResults: NBW Finale Newbern, TN 2.19.11

----Results from last Saturday night from the last NBW show in Newbern.

The show opened with NBW owner Jeff McDonald coming to the ring and announcing that since winning the company back, he has decided to take some time away from wrestling and that NBW will be on hiatus. He said that wrestling has torn his family apart, from the incident with the walkers and DCW to an even worse situation with his own son. But, tonight he was giving the fans a great show and had plenty of surprises. He called out Oz and said tonight Oz would face Unified Champion Big Red for the title.

At this point Jeremy Moore and Anarchy came to the ring to interrupt. Moore questioned his dad and said if he were any kind of father he would have handed this company to him so he could make it even more successful. Moore said his dad was stupid because regardless if he owned the company or not Moore could walk in next week and become the champion. Moore said he is a superstar and will be a superstar no matter where he goes. Jeff said enough talk, since the Unified tag champions were in the ring then its time for some surprises. Jeff said Moore had a match later but now its a tag title match, and the opponents were....... Naughty By Nature!!

1. NXN ( Rude/Tully ) def. Tim Edwards/Brad Badd to become unified tag champions... Crowd was HOT for NXN

2. Weezy won a battle royal that included : KoKo, Buckwheat, rockin' randy, shannon lee, redman and phoenix X. Big Red came out and attacked weezy and randy and tossed randy over the ropes.

3. Christian Jacobs, Jason Reed, and Stan Lee def. Rocker, Robbie Douglas, and The Goldenboy in a NBW All Stars 6 man tag, after the match all the faces ( including Rocker ) gave TGB a beating!

4. C-Money cashed in his stairway to stardom contract and defeated Dell Tucker to win The High Risk Championship and retire the title!

5. Jeremy Moore came out for his match and demanded to know who his opponent could possibly be.... Seth Knight came out to a superstar reaction! Seth Knight def. Jeremy Moore. Moore played an old school heel using every trick in the book. The ref was down and knight had Moore pinned and Jeff took his shirt off to reveal a ref shirt and he made the quick 3. After the match Jeff fired Moore and the Anarchy to a huge pop and the goodbye song. Moore was shocked and refused to leave, he staked out the ring until Christian Jacobs and Stan Lee came out. CJ gave Moore a huge spear and Stan did a super frog splash with help from CJ. Moore was dragged out!

6. Oz def. Big Red to become the Unified NBW Heavyweight Champion!!! Oz for shoot had no clue he would win and showed real emotion after winning his first Heavyweight title. Post match all the faces came out to celebrate and even Big Red shook his hand. Then a ton of crowd members got in the ring to celebrate with Oz and the other wrestlers to close the NBW Finale in Newbern!!!

----I was told this was my best show ever. Crowd was on fire for everything. Even to the point of not letting Moore talk on the mic at the opening....There was over 200 in the crowd and everyone went home happy....FTW debuted last night and I am already hearing that Moore may open up in another building soon.