Wednesday, February 09, 2011

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 1.22.11 & 1.29.11

----Results from a few weeks. 
----We should have the results from this past Saturday night along with a rundown of Saturday's big show.


Weezy def. C money, Biscuit, and Shannon Lee

Jeremy Moore def. Jason Reed

Mark Justice and Oz def. Tim Edwards and Brad Badd.
After the match Tim and Brad handcuffed Mark to the ropes and started beating Oz mercilessly until Brian Steele asked them to stop. They started beating on Brian until Ike Tucker came out and made the save to a big pop

Chris O'Neal def. Rocker for the right to choose to wrestle either Big Red or Stan Lee at legacy

Stan Lee def. Big Red in a no dq match after Rocker and Oneal got involved.
After the match the 4 brawled and the dressing room had to pull them apart until Jeremy Moore came out and made a tag match for the next week... Oneal and Rocker vs. Red and Lee!


Shannon Lee def. Weezy

C money def. Dell Tucker. After the match Biscuit jumped Tucker until Shannon came out only to help Tucker, followed by Weezy coming out to help Biscuit!

Jeremy Moore def. Seth Knight in a crazy match, the crowd was hot for the match and Knight was over big.

O'Neal came out to make his decision, Stan and Red were in the ring, O'Neal said he would face Red at legacy. Stan looking happy told O'Neal he knew he'd make that choice, which made O'Neal upset. O'Neal asked Stan did he really believe O'Neal couldn't beat him? O'Neal said he changed his mind.. he wants Stan!

Koko/Tim Edwards/Brad Badd def. Ike/Brian Steele/and Oz after Moore delivered an ace crusher to Oz

Rude def. Mark Justice
After the match mark wanted to shake rudes hand and rude would have no part of it. Moore came out and demanded that rude finish Mark. Rude was reluctant but jumped mark until tim and Brad started helping and trying to tell rude what to do. Rude left so Moore jumped in and all 3 started beating mark until rude ran back out and bumped all 3 men!

Oneal and Rocker def. Stan and big Red after Oneal pinned stan

Crowd was between 130 and 140 both weeks. Crowd has been hot and the shows have been awesome