Thursday, February 10, 2011

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 2.05.11

----Results from this past weekend.

----I was told this was the biggest paid crowd for NBW [besides a big show] in the history of the company.

The show opened with oz and NBW owner Jeff McDonald ready to sign the Legacy contract. Jeremy Moore came to the ring, and told his dad that he was giving him an opportunity to back out, when he wouldn't, Moore told his dad it was the biggest mistake he has made. Jeff said Jeremy was the biggest mistake he made. Moore punched Jeff and Oz jumped on Moore until Tim Edwards and Brad Badd jumped on Oz until Seth Knight made the save. Moore told Knight he had a match right now....

Seth Knight def. Robbie Douglas

Weezy def. Rockin Randy and Shannon Lee

Dell Tucker def. Biscuit and C Money to win the High Risk Title

Rude and Mark Justice vs. Tim Ewards and Brad Badd was thrown out. Rude was injured by the Anarchy after the match.

Big Red def. Oz

Jeremy Moore def. Christian Jacobs after interference by the Anarchy

Probably 150-160 in attendance for a great show!