Sunday, February 20, 2011

RassleResults: New Mid-South Wrestling Philadelphia, MS 2.19.11

----Results from Philly, MS.

Report by Elite 17

New Mid-South Wrestling

Presents: Redemption

Philadelphia, MS

February 19th, 2011

Also known as “A Night of Glowsticks and Grab bags”

Cameras were in place and filming not sure if the results will be released on TV or a DVD

I was really impressed that a titantron like screen was used for entrances with the names of the competitors on the screen and actual entrance videos with music. (Nice production value)

Estimated attendance about 700 people

“Outlaw J.D. McKay was in attendance looking on.

TNA official Rudy Charles was the main referee for the night

Dirty Dutch Mantel was on commentary

Six matches were on the card and one big surprise

1.“Big Don Brodie Vs. IXION- “Big” Don Brodie won with a powerbomb.

2.Cody Melton Vs. Krypt Keeper (w/ manager) This will go down as one of the hugest debacles I have ever witnessed at a live show. All of the lights were turned off for the Krypt Kepper’s entrance (ala Undertaker) and lights stayed off for about five minutes. While the restless fans sat in the dark and waited Dirty Dutch Mantel got ticked off and threaten to kick the butt of the person in charge of lighting. The biggest pop of the night came when the lights finally came back on. This was an EPIC disaster. Krypt Keeper used a foreign object on Cody Melton for the win. After the match, a woman in the front row threw a cup of water in the face of the Krypt Keeper’s manager. Not sure if that was a plant or a shoot.

3.Lindsey Star & Albino Rhino Vs. Abrella & Matt Boyce. Albino Rhino was a rather large man and the fans chanted “Do the ice cream and cake….do the ice cream and cake” at him. Abrella and Matt Boyce won the match. Matt Boyce may be a good person for the independent fans to keep an eye on.

4.“Superstar” Kevin White Vs Koko B. Ware (Frankie was absent) After 15 minutes of wing flapping the match finally began. Koko B. Ware won with a roll up. After the match about 60 kids STORMED the ring to flap their wings and celebrate. KoKo must have feared for his life. He played it off cool (where was security?) Funny he is so short he got lost in the crowd of kids.

5.Derrick King Vs. (BIG SURPRISE OF THE NIGHT) Brian Christopher. Brian Christopher won with the guillotine leg drop off the top rope.

6.Josephus (Berserker rip off) Vs. Road Dogg Jessie James. Road Dogg won the match and all the fans went home happy.

Special Thanks & Credit to Elite 17 for sending in thoughts and results of this show.

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