Sunday, February 06, 2011

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 1.28.11 & 2.03.11

----Results from the last two weeks.
 ---This group is doing an angle where they have wrestlers from different areas of the country & promotions to come in a challenge NEW guys.


-NEW's Dan Matthews retains US Jr Heavyweight Title against AAPW's Greg Anthony.

-EWE's Stan Lee defeated NEW's Austin Lane for a shot at the title next week.

-NEW's Kid Nikels and Justin Smart defeated TCW's Matt Riviera and EWE's Chirs O'Neal



-Dan Matthews defeated Stan Lee to retain US Jr Heavyweight Title.

-Dan Matthews defeated Austin Lane to retain US Jr Heavyweight Title.

-Kid Nikels defeated Greg Anthony and will take on Byron Wilcott for the Texas Heavyweight Title in two weeks at NEW.

----Terrance Ward solo announced and Downtown Bruno refereed solo for this show.