Monday, February 28, 2011

RassleResults: Northside Wrestling Federation Batesville, AR 2.26.11

----Wrestling returned to Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym on Saturday night with Derrick King and Cody Melton.

The show opened with a very nice turnout of around 75-100 people in the crowd for the first ever NWF show in Batesville, AR. The man behind the music, DJ Infinite opened the show asking the crowd if they were ready for some action to which they responded with lots of cheers. Infinite then told everyone that tonight there would be an NWF Champion crowned in a tournament or the title followed by asking everyone to stand for the playing of the United States national anthem. Following the national anthem we had our first match of the night.

Opening Match
NWF Championship Tournament Semi-Final
Suicide w/ Jay Webber vs David Rodriguez

Suicide and Webber came to the ring with a box in hand, not sure what's in it but I'd like to know. One fan in the audience said their mom was in it. Not sure of how true that is, but it's a good possibility. A good match up here with both guys looking to make it into the four way match in the main event to crown the NWF Champion. Rodriguez looked to have the match up won until Webber had the referee distracted which allowed Suicide to nail Rodriguez with the box they brought to the ring and steal the match. Suicide advanced to the main event title match.

Winner: Suicide

2nd Match
NWF Championship Tournament Semi-Final
Gravedigger vs Tommy Wayne

This match saw the return of the local favorite Gravedigger to the ring to take on another local favorite, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne. Gravedigger didn't seem to be liked too well by the crowd but he didn't care. Gravedigger used his power to dominate Tommy early on but Tommy got his fair share of shots in on the big man from death valley. Tommy would get a quick surprising roll up on the big man and upset Gravedigger in his return to the ring. Tommy left the ring celebrating his entry into the main event title match. Gravedigger however, didn't look too happy. I'd hate to be the person he takes his frustrations out on that's for sure.

Winner: Tommy Wayne

Following the match DJ Infinite let everyone know that the show would be going to a brief intermission before the start of the next match. During the intermission DJ Infinite thanked all of the great sponsors of the NWF.

Heuer's Family Shows
Ink Fountain
Deals for Dollars
J&J Auto Sales
Car Today
Dying Breed Designs

All great sponsors. I don't know who does those Dying Breed Designs but he's great. I'd definitely want him doing all of my work.

Match 3
NWF Championship Tournament Semi-Final
Derrick King vs Debo

Derrick King made his way out being as cocky as ever. He even had words with the DJ telling him that he is the worst DJ ever and then continued to run down the NWF promotion, as well as the town of Batesville and all of the fans in attendance. Derrick King used cheap tactics to get the upper hand on the big man Debo. King however wouldn't have the upper hand for long as Debo came firing back into the match knocking the cocky King off his feet however Debo would get stopped with a superkick from King for the win.

Winner: Derrick King

Following the match Derrick King continued to run down the fans and again the DJ. He then walked over to the DJ booth and had words with DJ Infinite and told him to play his music which he did until he had enough of King's cocky attitude and shut his music off. This angered King who then took the NWF Championship belt that was sitting at the DJ booth. King took the belt and went to the back saying he would bring the belt back in the main event when he is officially crowned champion after winning it.

Sexy Sartin made his way out to the ring before the next match and ran his mouth to the crowd letting every know that he is in the NWF and he will be looking to make an impact

Match 4
NWF Championship Tournament Semi-Final
Jay Webber w/ Suicide vs Cody Melton

The crowd was very much behind Cody Melton. Suicide and Webber had that box with them again. We still don't know what's in it. The match saw some good back and forth action with Cody Melton nailing the most beautiful dropkicks I've ever seen. Melton was getting the upper hand and had the crowd completely on his side. Suicide distracted the referee while Webber attempted to hit Melton with the box however Webber failed as Melton ducked it and nailed a variation of the Backstabber for the win.

Winner: Cody Melton

DJ Infinite then took us to another intermission, announcing that after this brief intermission would be the main event for the NWF Championship featuring Suicide, Tommy Wayne, Derrick King, and Cody Melton.

It was announced before the main event that there was only one man big enough to referee the four way main event and that man was none other than BIG AL!

Main Event
NWF Championship
Fatal Four-way Elimination Match
Suicide vs Tommy Wayne vs Derrick King vs Cody Melton

This was definitely the match of the night. All four guys brought their best and it showed. Cody Melton looked to be on the way to eliminating Suicide until Jay Webber switched places with Suicide and rolled Melton up in a small package to cheaply eliminate Melton. The crowd booed Suicide heavily as Melton looked upset that he had been eliminated in such a cheap fashion. Suicide however didn't last long as Tommy Wayne quickly disposed of him and it was down to Tommy Wayne and Derrick King. The match spilled out of the ring and onto the floor as King rammed Tommy's shoulder into three of the four ring posts and Tommy looked to be hurting pretty badly. Derrick continued to be cocky and show off until Tommy came fighting back and looked to be on his comeback until he ran into a sick boot from King. King then nailed Tommy with a nasty super kick but Tommy just wouldn't stay down. King got angered and got in the face of the special referee Big Al and even went as far as to shove the big man. Al however didn't let King scare him as he shoved King back. King stumbled back into a quick roll up from Tommy for the three count!

Winner and New NWF Champion: Tommy Wayne

Tommy celebrated with his newly won NWF Championship as the crowd went crazy for him. Tommy looked to be favoring his shoulder but none the less he is your first ever NWF Champion. Derrick King sat in the ring looking upset and then yelled at the DJ to stop the music. King then called DJ Infinite in the ring and said he wanted DJ Infinite to announce who the NWF Champion is. Infinite then said, Tommy Wayne. King said no, and then once again asked Infinite who the NWF Champion which Infinite replied again with, Tommy Wayne. King said now he's getting pissed. He said he would ask DJ Infinite one more time who the NWF Champion is. DJ Infinite thought about it for a second before answering, Tommy Wayne for a third time. King then got angry and shoved the young DJ Infinite who showed he isn't intimidated by King and shoved King back, knocking him on his butt to a loud reaction from the crowd. DJ chants began as the kid left the ring and returned to his DJ booth as the crowd cheered him on. King sat in the ring and pouted as the DJ played Tommy Wayne's music to end the show. King continued to sit and pout as the fans left.

A great opening show for the Northside Wrestling Federation in Batesville, AR.

Come back next week and it's sure to be just as entertaining, no wait, even MORE entertaining than it was in it's first week.