Monday, February 07, 2011

RassleResults: NWF Jonesboro, AR 2.04.11

----Results from Friday night. 

----This is a new group in Jonesboro, AR that runs every week.  I plan to get all the info about building and such to post it for anyone wanting to attend.  It has some familiar area names.

95 tickets sold 109 people there,

1st match, Biscuit w/ Matt the Rat Trap Bowman Vs Adrian Stratton..
Biscuit Gets Win Bye Dq When Matt Hits him with Chair on accident.

2nd Match, Lance Boudrouex Vs Mr Playboy Tommy Wayne
Lance made a good run to start this match, but the experience of tommy wayne over came and Tommy Wayne Another victory

3rd Match, Mad Dog Vs David Rodriguez
Match Got Thrown Out

4th Match, Gary Diamond Vs Ray Ray
What a wild Match for the heavy wieght Belt Ray used all his dirty tatics to try to pull this out and when he thought he had it won he went to top rope and Gary caught him in a rko off tope rope. Gary Retains Title But after match ray tied gary in ropes and gave hime two chair shots leaving him bloody

Main Event
Joshua Cross And Morgan Williams Vs "Asylum" [Pappy/Psycho]
Pretty Dominate showing by asylum, but josh and morgan wouldnt quit with the crowd behide them they make a push and have a chance till pappy  ducked and josh closline morgan leaving josh two on one with a samoan drop and a headbut to give asylum the victory..

Next Friday, Tag Torny Starts, Gary Vs Ray Falls Count Anywhere, No Dq,