Sunday, February 13, 2011

RassleResults: NWF Jonesboro, AR 2..11.11

----Results from Friday night.

1st Match- David Rodriguez vs Mad Dog
Back an forth match till the end, When Mad Dog gets upper hand, so Rodriguez useing a dirty tactic. Pulling out chain and hitting Mad Dog with it to get victory..

2nd Match-Mr Playboy Tommy Wayne & Lance Boudroueax Vs Morgan Williams & Joshua Cross

Tommy Wayne comes cut first telling everone that he wants Lance to prove himself after he beat him last week. Out comes Lance and says he will do it but just bc its first round for the tag titles. As morgan and Josh make there way to ring the match gets started, Tommy and morgan start, and Morgan and Josh make it a point to mess Tommy's hair up, Tommy can't handle it and tells Lance to get in. Morgan and Josh take it to Lance and once Lance has upper hand Tommy tags himself back in and pounds on josh, Tommy then slaps Lance and tells him to chock slam Josh, After he does he doesnt go for pin he is asking Tommy does that prove it, Josh makes his way back up and they double closeline each other.. Josh gets Tag to Morgan, Lance Goes to Tag Tommy ad there is no one there.. Morgan hits super kick Josh a Swanton For the 1 2 3

3rd Match Mr Playboy Tommy Wayne Vs Tebo
Tommy comes back out and says he wants a real match no matter who it is.. 300 Pound Debo comes out, Tommy flips out and tryes backing out, but doesn't work Debo starts with using power with two splashes in corner, Tommy gets a low blow in to start on the big mans leg to keep him down, Tommy mite have had it won But Never went for pin, Instead tauted Crowd, Debo Makes lil come back and goes for splash, Tommy moves and goes top rope, delievering a elbow droped, As soon as goes for pin Lance makes his way to ring  Gets Tommy's Attention and Debo Rolls him up. After Debo get victory Tommy throws fit once again..

4th Match- Adrian Stratton Vs Matt the Rat Bowman
Matt gave this all he had and once it looked like he had a chance biscute comes in super kicks his mananger Matt and leaves him, Adrian pins Matt for the victory, then they both leave Matt a bloddy mess.

5th Match-Asylum Vs Super Metal Brothers
Suicide and Jay Webber gives Asylum some scare in this first round match for tag titles, But the size of Asylum come in there favor as Pappy hits Suicide with spear as coming off top, and Psycho uses Kayte on Jay to get the victory.

Main Event
Gary Diamond Vs The Suicide King Ray Ray
This all out war went all over building useing chairs, tables,and anything they could find,Gary Proved why he is a fighting champion, Both men losing lots of blood pulling out all the stops and Ray went to a unbelivable way bye useing a 35000 volt tazer to make Gary stay down, Ray gets the  1 2 3.