Tuesday, February 22, 2011

RassleResults: NWF Jonesboro, AR 2.18.11 - RRO TAG TEAM OF THE YEAR 2010 WIN TITLES!!

----Results from Friday night.
113 in crowd

1st Match
Mr Playboy Tommy Wayne, Big Al, And Too Sexy Sartin Vs Tebo, Lance Boudrouex and Suicide..
Tommy Wayne made his announcement that Big Al was here to help Tommy get to the top and to hurt people. After Lance took a beating he got a double tag to Tebo and Suicide, these two men cleaned house and when they had Tommy Wayne alone to finish the match both got hit with trash ca lids and tied together on a ring post, Tommy took advantage and tried breaking lances leg... Mike Titan comes to rescue.
Tebo, Lance, And Suicide Over Via DQ
2nd match
Adrian Stratton & Biscuite Vs Big Indian & Matt Bowmen
Adrian and Biscuit broke Matt's arm, and took out Indian, Biscuit is Suspended
No Winner
3rd Match
Cow Bell Match David Rodrigues vs Mad Dogg
Rodrigues wins Via Choke Out
4th Match
4 Corners Elimination for Tag Titles
Asylum Vs Tebo & Suicide Vs Gary Diamond & Morgan Williams Vs Tommy Wayne & Big Al
Tommy Wayne eliminated Suicide, But turns into a RKO from Gary and that leaves Gary & Morgan & Asylum... With the size on there side Asylum puts it on Gary, but the fighting champ won't quit. He make a quick comeback and goes for tag when Morgan jumps in and super kicks Gary. Asylum win NWF Tag Titles!

Next Week, What Is Mike Titans Purpose Here? Will Gary Get Revenge On Morgan? Who will try to take the tag titles from Asylum??