Wednesday, February 09, 2011

RassleResults: PPW Selmer, TN 2.05.11 - First Premier Pro Wrestling US Champ Crowned!!

----Report from Saturday night in Selmer, TN.
Premier Pro Wrestling
Saturday, February 5, 2011
Selmer, TN

One-Night Tournament to crown the first Premier Pro Wrestling United States Champion.

Quarterfinal #1
Bones v/s Cody Melton
Cody Melton dominated most of this match, even though Bones was a last minute replacement for Melton’s original opponent.  Bones was able to take a cheap shot to get a short flurry of offense against Melton, but in the end, Melton fought back and was able to hit his signature “Sky High” spinebuster to score the pinfall.

Your winner, advancing to the semifinals of the tournament: Cody Melton.

Post match, Kellen James interviewed Cody Melton about his recent matches with Derrick King and the fact that Derrick would be Cody’s semifinal round opponent.  During the interview, Cody was attacked by Derrick King, as Derrick took a steel chair and worked over Cody’s rib cage.

Quarterfinal #2
Christian Shane v/s Ty Hamilton
This back and forth match saw Hamilton try and use his quickness to stay on top of Shane. Christian Shane was able to capitalize on a mistake by Hamilton to take advantage for several minutes, but in the end, Ty Hamilton was able to connect with a missile dropkick from the top rope and score the three count against Christian Shane.

Your winner, advancing to the semifinals of the tournament: Ty Hamilton.

Quarterfinal #3
Wildcard Entrant v/s Kid Thunder
The wildcard entrant was revealed to be none other than “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony.  Anthony proceeded to inform the crowd exactly why he had been brought to Premier Pro Wrestling, proclaiming that he was there to do what he had done in every other promotion he had worked in, and that was to become champion.  He promised to leave that night as United States Champion and said that promise was “as good as gold”.  Anthony showed the crowd in Selmer exactly why he was invited to the tournament, showcasing his wrestling skills.  Kid Thunder surprised Anthony with his resilience and determination, but in the end, Anthony’s experience was too much for Kid Thunder.  “The Golden Boy” was able to hit Kid Thunder with “The Midas Touch” and score the victory.

Your winner, advancing to the semifinals of the tournament: “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony.

Semifinal #1
Derrick King v/s Cody Melton
This match, just like their match the previous month, went all over the arena.  They battled through the crowd, the concession stand, and even up to the balcony again.  Derrick continued the onslaught on Cody’s ribs that he started after Cody’s first round contest, but Cody just wouldn’t give up.  After over 15 minutes of grueling action, Cody was able to hit the “Sky High” spinebuster out of nowhere and pin Derrick King. 
Your winner, advancing to the finals of the tournament: Cody Melton

Semifinal #2
“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony v/s Ty Hamilton
Closing moments of this match saw Ty Hamilton on the offensive.  Greg Anthony was able to dispose of Ty Hamilton to the outside of the ring and proceed to take off one of the top turnbuckle coverings.  As Hamilton returned to the ring, he continued his flurry on Greg Anthony.  As Anthony retreated to a nearby corner, Hamilton mounted the corner and began punching Anthony.  Anthony stepped under Hamilton, revealing this was the exposed corner and took Hamilton’s legs out from under him, causing him to crash head and chest first into the exposed corner.  Anthony dropkicked Hamilton in the back, once again ramming Hamilton into the exposed turnbuckle.  Hamilton crumpled to the mat and was pinned by Anthony. 

Your winner, advancing to the finals of the tournament: “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony.

Tournament Final
This match saw Anthony attempting to work over the already injured ribs of Melton, while Melton stayed on the defensive trying to keep Anthony from capitalizing on the injury.  Near the end of the match, with Melton on the offensive, Derrick King made his way to ringside.  With Anthony having the referee’s attention on the outside of the ring, King rolled into the ring and delivered a brutal superkick to Melton.  Anthony returned to the ring, but only got a two count on Melton.  Anthony took back over on Melton, but a reversal by Melton saw Anthony once again on the ringside floor.  Once again, King entered the ring, this time hitting Melton with a leaping facebuster.  Anthony rolled back into the ring, but once again, Melton kicked out after only a two count.  Anthony picked up Melton, whipping him off the ropes, getting ready to backdrop Melton, but Melton was able to catch Anthony with a DDT.  Derrick King leapt up on the apron to get the attention of the referee.  Cody Melton went over with the referee, pulled King inside the ring and began laying into him with a series of punches.  While this was happening inside the ring, Anthony retrieved the championship belt from the ringside area, and while the referee was getting King out of the ring, knocked Cody Melton unconscious with a vicious belt shot to the head.  The referee turned around just in time to see Greg Anthony pin Cody Melton. 

Your winner and the first Premier Pro Wrestling United States Champion: “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony.

TGB holding the title up to Cody Melton