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RassleResults: PWA/TCW Benefit for Fred “Rowdy Rebel” Revelle 2.12.11

----Report from Saturday night.

PWA/TCW Benefit for Fred “Rowdy Rebel” Revelle 2-12-11

The benefit for tonight’s show is for Indy Wrestler and Legend Fred Revelle, also known as Gary Lawler.  In attendance tonight were, Myself for, NEW’s Promoter Nightmare Ken Wayne, TCW Commissioner Tom Simon, and of course Fred’s family.  The events ring announcer would be none other than Announcer of the Year for 2008, Brian Thompson. Attendance was at most 200 people with a suggested ticket price of $7 (donation). The estimated door amount was at least $1000 all going to the Fred’s family. 

Brian Thompson and Jamie Jay would open the show by talking about who the benefit was for. Jamie Jay then asked the kids of Fred Revelle to come to the ring with their father’s jacket that he was known to wear to the ring when he performed. Jamie Jay then proceeded to place the jacket on the boy and received a huge applause. Brian Thompson would then take to the microphone and show why he was the Announcer of the Year.

1st Match: Kid Nikels VS Sigmon with Tony VS Chase Owens
Kid and Sigmon would take on Owens and try to bring it to an even one on one. Just on a side note when Kid gets pepped up during introductions he becomes one of the scariest wrestlers that you will ever see. The double up would continue for a good part of the match. Owens would however begin to come about and showed some really good athleticism. Sigmon is a powerhouse. Huge upper body makes him look like a monster. When Owens countered during his recovery he received a huge cheer from the crowd. Owens was very quick on his feet but Kid would comeback with a choke slam straight to hell and would win the match via pin fall. After the match Sigmon states that he is never returning to Wynn, AR. 

2nd Match: Johnny Morton VS Jamie Lee
This match was the only time in my career I have ever seen a female referee, and she was not to bad. The match would begin at a slow pace and the crowd was really into the Wynn native Jamie Lee. You can tell Morton is a veteran of the wrestling scene with beautiful execution on moves delivered to Lee. Lee seem to be an average performer, has the crowd in the palm of his hand though, nothing that a little fine tuning won’t fix. Morton is a good old fashioned heel and really need not say anything to get the fans to hate him. The crowd again up and cheering for Jamie Lee when he starts to make a comeback. Morton would hit Lee with what appeared to be a foreign object. However, to the surprise of Morton and the crowd, Jamie Lee would kick out. He would then blame the female ref and shove her; she then shoved him back causing him to fall. Morton planted one of the stiffest super kicks I have ever seen. Jamie Lee would win via pin fall, after the referee assisted in a fast count.

3rd Match: Chaz Carter (Fan) VS Jeff Jett   
International Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Jett would come to the ring and make an open challenge to defend his title against anyone in the building. He stated that the guys in the locker room would not face him because they knew they could not win. When he stated that he wanted to face someone tonight, an eager fan stood up and accepted the challenge. After signing the release form from Brian Thompson, the match was ready to begin. Match was not off to a good start as the fan is not trained as a professional wrestler. Jett would take it to the outside of the ring and taunt the crowd as he reigned over his opponent. Jett would deliver a sick DDT and win via pin fall. 

4th Match: Wes Robinson VS Jeff Jett  
Non-Title Match
Wes would come to ringside to assist the fan after his defeat against Jett. When Robinson and Jett began to scuffle the referee would ring the bell and make the match official. Robinson takes advantage of the match real early. Robinson would go for an early pin and fail. Jett would retake the match but at a slow pace as fatigue starts to set in. Jett would taunt the crowd and Robinson by pinning him and pulling him up before the three count. Jett would let his guard down and Robinson would sneak in the win with a roll up pin. After the pin fall Robinson thought the match was for the title only to find out his efforts to try and get the title was for nothing. However, he will be able to brag about defeating the International Heavyweight Champion.

During the intermission I walked around the building looking at all the gimmick tables and some of the guys really take pride in their appearance with awesome promo pictures at their tables. Maybe some future inductees into my blog, but that’s for another time. I went to the locker room to talk to Bobby Eaton after spotting him on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. When I asked him about the impromptu appearance, from the Crying Wrestling Fan video, he just smiled and laughed. Glad to see Bobby in good health and humor. Jamie Jay would then take to the ring during intermission to hold a pie auction. All the proceeds would go to the family of Fred Revelle. I was fooling around acting like an auctioneer in the back row when one of the referees pointed out what I was doing. So I was asked to take over. During the Auction one pie sold for an incredible $60! 

4th Match: Outlaw Don Bass VS Lord Humongous
What I thought could be called a Legend’s match turned out to be disappointing. Hugo was not very good tonight and Bass showed just a little ring rust. The match resulted in a Double DQ, wasn’t sure how it came about. After the referee rung the bell they would continue past the match with Bass trying to unmask Hugo. The Referee would call for help from the back and Chaz Carter and Wes Robinson would take to the ring to help Bass even the odds. 

5th Match: Semi-Main Event Squire Dave Taylor with Earl Robert Eaton VS The Lover Boy Matt Riviera
Both contenders were in good shape, especially Dave Taylor who showed no ring rust. The crowd was really hot through this match cheering for Riviera. Taylor would dominate the first part of the match. Riviera would make a strong comeback. Riviera would win via pin fall. This was a great match from these two probably the best of the night. Squire Dave Taylor would start to blame Earl Eaton and go to strike him when Eaton hit him with a big closed fist.
Show Stopped: Jamie Jay would take to the ring yet again tonight to state that his scheduled opponent, Derrick King, did not show up tonight. Johnny Morton would then come to the ring and challenges Jamie stating that he wants to be the one that retires him. They went on to a mic speel about who was better. Morton would attack Jay from behind and the match would begin.

6th Match: Main Event Jamie Jay VS Johnny Morton
Jamie would take back control and go for a pin. The female referee came running from the back to begin the count in one of the best running entrances by an Indy referee I’ve ever seen. When the ref counted to two and Morton would counter then attack the referee for the previous count. After another count from the referee Morton would put her down for good. Jay would take advantage of the distracted Morton and go for a pin; the second ref came from the back and counted to three. After Morton left in defeat Jay would take to the mic telling the crowd he is not one of those who retires 7 times a year and that tonight was it. He would call all the talent from the back and thank them for the event and would call the family of Fred Revelle to the ring as well. The show ended with a group photo of all the talent including myself with The Rebels family.

I want to send a special thanks to TCW and PWA Entertainment for allowing me to be there and be part of a successful benefit for Fred Revelle. Although I didn’t know this man he was still a part of our business and still one of us. Regardless of any of our differences in this business we all must remember that when something like this happens we must think of their family they leave behind, and do what we can to help them in their time of need. I would also like to send out my condolences to the family of Fred Revelle. I know there is nothing I can say that would comfort the pain you feel, but from all of us here at we wish you peace and comfort during you time of grief.


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