Sunday, February 27, 2011

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 2.25.11

----Results from Friday night.
Around 80 attended
Redneck Danny Copass beat Crusher Eric Hodge in 6:00 with a backslide
Jamey Farrari beat Kid Fresh Mike Cobbs in 9:00 with a twisting suplex thing
ATL Jr. Champion Nick Iggy beat Damien Payne in 8:00 with a schoolboy after Commissioner "El Hombre de Pastel" Gordon restarted the match due to Payne lowblowing Iggy for a prior pin
Panther beat CD Thriller in 7:00 with a TKO
Kevin Dunn beat Saint in 9:00 with a forward rollup to win the USWO Music City Championship
Mean Mike Woods beat Tim Renesto in 6:00 with an international object
ATL Champion Drew Haskins (w/Dominique) beat Jason Xavier in 8:00 after Dominique choked Xavier with Haskins' scarf
Wolfie D beat Jocephus in 11:00 with an international object to win the USWO Championship
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Credit: Jimmie Daniel