Monday, February 21, 2011

Wrestling School Letter!! Would You Attend This School???

----This was sent to me via Mad Conservative Crimefighter from St. Louis Wrestling Community.

----He sent me this along with it.

Sent to me via "Mat Maniac".  Would you want to be trained by the person who typed up this letter?  Especially with the horrific death of Jeremy Wood in Arkansas last year you have to watch out for who you get in the ring with.  Please note we do not know if all the names mentioned are actually involved or if they were thrown in to make it seem "legit"--we believe the latter as Gary Jackson is a St. Louis legend and can't imagine he would tarnish his reputation with this nonsense...but the author is definitely the person known as Jimmy D.  Jimmy D is infamous for running off with a promotion's ring and setting it up in his backyard while claiming the ring disappeared as it was parked along an interstate due to trailer problems.

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