Friday, March 04, 2011

Aftermath Conversation: Bull Pain

----A new twist to a feature on RRO.

----I am planning to get some interviews with guys that participate on big shows after the show - give their thoughts on how the show went and so on.  Bull Pain joined me via Facebook to talk about Wednesday night's Evansville, IN [CLICK HERE] show.

Bull Pain
-First off, how did the show go Wednesday night in Evansville?

Well i think the show went well last night but i am not real sure I was the curtain jerker so I really didn't pay too much attention to the rest of the show. Sorry.

-How many people you think was in the crowd??

I thought I saw around maybe 400 or so people there.

-Since you were part of the circuit of traveling to Evansville every week back "in the day", did you see any of the old fans??

Yes, I saw some of the old school fans out there it was nice to see them. it brought back many memories.

-I have been told that Evansville has been drawing pretty good this year, do you think it is a town that would support wrestling again on a regular basis??

Yes, I believe it would support a wrestling promotion if you gave them a good solid product.

-You have been putting over something on your Facebook about people sending you $1 to help with a gravestone for your friend. Please give the readers of RRO details on this. 

My friend, Ed Shuman has passed away. He was a long time promoter for the NWA. He was definitely one of the "good guys" in the business. He was always a happy guy and a great man to work for. I really am hurt by his passing, but what really mortifies me is that his family wasn't able to afford a headstone for his grave. This to me is a tragedy. for such a good man and to be put to rest in an unmarked grave - I think is a crime. So I know times are tough and everyone is struggling -  that's why I am asking people to just donate $1 dollar for this cause. I feel that there is strength in numbers and if we all band together we can fix this injustice. All for  the cost of a cup of coffee and it will be resolved.

----Ok, folks, put $1 in an envelope and mail it to the following!!  I know many of you helped with getting a lot of Tank's funeral expenses paid at one time, then I would appreciate the help here.  Send it to the following  --- 

Bull Pain 
2604 Thomas Ave 
Louisville, KY 40216