Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Arena Report: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.19.11

----Book Tour stops in Tuckerman, AR.

----Lee Michaels beat The Dragon and Sancho Libre. Not a good bout.  I have yet to see Michaels in a good match, but honestly this was not his fault.  Michaels had a nice stand neckbreaker and DDT on Dragon. The other two guys were green and have not had a lot of bouts.[DUD]

----Mike Anthony/Jon Alan beat The Hambones on the best match of the show. Just a solid bout.  Alan/Anthony started quick with Hambones jumping them and reversing it.  Good shine.  Heat on Anthony with a hot tag to Alan.  Leroy tried to hit Anthony with the bone, but he ducked.  Pedro got pinned after Alan hit him with a moonsault. [***]

----Rik Burton with Athena Eclipse beat Loose Cannon to win the ASWF Title.  Another good bout.  It started fast and they kept it running.  It was no DQ and a title match – both not made clear by the announcers.  Athena was working real hard here.  Cannon hit a dropkick!! Both guys have some kind of “magic” in this building, because every time I see them work here, they are doing a great job. Perfect psychology. Burton finished Cannon off with a big boot. [**3/4]

----"CCR" [Demon X/Wild Bill] beat Austin Lane.  No one looked bad here, but the fans just didn’t get into it.  Lane called upon the “Ghost of Ric Rude” and he was bouncing around like Rude use to do against Ultimate Warrior. [I think I might have dated myself there] He made X look like a million dollars and Bill didn’t do anything wrong either.  No heat – no one really caring made it boring. Wild Bill has nice gear. [**]

----Johnny Hawk/John Ellison with Johnny Harper beat Keylo Green/Seth Sabor to retain the ASWF Tag Team Titles.  Solid, but nothing special.  Fans were not too much into Green [I believe this was his first time??], but everyone worked fast and hard.  Sabor has improved tons.  They did two heats, which is always good for the babyface and good psychology.  Green took the first one and then Sabor got cut off to take the second one.  Hot tag was a bit flat with the finish seeming a little bit off.  [**1/2]


----I counted about 80 people in the crowd…Ricky Rowland called me out and I even walked out to entrance music [Kid Rock]. LOL I got to present Promotion of the Year to David Walls…I do not think any wrestler should use the famous last name of another wrestler.  There are exceptions to the rule - if you you really look like that wrestler such as an Anderson or something...I can honestly say that was the best bout I have seen the Hambones work in 20 years of watching them…Austin Lane came out after the title change and challenged Burton.  But, Lane has been heel here for a while and the fans wanted to cheer, but really didn’t know what to do.  It was a bit confusing in the handicap match also because they worked the match almost as if Lane was baby and the team was heel…Green was doing a different gimmick than last time I say him – paint on his face.  He did good bumping...Sabor has a good look and has improved a lot – he needs to gain some weight…Not sure in what direction this company is going with Burton as champ??  Probably a feud with Lane turning.  They are doing TV in the Little Rock market and few other Arkansas towns, but they really need to add more to their rosters to do it…Ricky Rowland is really good on the mic…I really think Walls needs to lose the mask and kill Demon X off.  I think everyone in the crowd knows it is him and that kind of hurts his credibility – like he is trying to pull something over on them and they know it…Thanks to the whole promotion – cast and crew.  We had a great time and as always ASWF treats RRO with class.