Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arena Report: MCW Luxora, AR 3.12.11

----Arena Report from Saturday night.

Leroy Hambone

----Stretch vs Shawn Williams - no contest.  Not a very long match.  Fans seem to like both guys.  Nothing special.  Both guys are green and need to work more on just basic moves. LA Hustlers jumped in. [*] 

----Pimptactular/Officer Hudson beat Big Jim/Shawn Williams.  This was a solid bout with perfect psychology.  Pimp and Hudson have both improved in the psychology and work departments.  Heat on Shawn with hot tag to Jim.  Pimp shitcanned Jim and Hudson pinned Shawn. [**1/2]

----"LA Hustlers" beat Chris Steele/Stretch. Not much of a match and not that good, but they actually followed psychology. Hustlers have tons of potential, but have only been working a few months.  [*]

----Freddy Ware/"East Coast Bad Boys" [C-Money/Spyro] beat Frankie Tucker/Pimp/Reggie B Fine in the best bout of the night. ECBB are soooo over in this area.  The young talent in this area should take a lesson from East Coast.  They know how to work a crowd better than anyone in this business.  Same can be said about Tucker also when it comes to working as a heel – old school all the way. Match was perfect psychology and everyone worked hard.  They kept Freddy just for the hot tag and the crowd went nuts after Fine missed his typical spot running and straddling turnbuckle.  [***]

---- Koko Ware/Big Daddy LaFonce  beat The Hambones.  Crowd really shit on this match and pretty much sit on their hands.  I saw a lot of people getting up.  The match before it really stole the show.  Leroy bled as they battled out of the ring.  I didn’t see the finish [as we left also], but Big Daddy got the pin. [*]


----365 paid with close to 400 in the building…Crowd was loud and fun until the main event…As I said, Hudson has really improved.  His moves are solid.  Big Jim, who is the MCW champ, never really gets better or worse.  They used him perfect though…Freddy Ware is the guy that always helps MCW in Luxora and usually draws a great crowd.  This guy gets out and works the town.  Promoters in this area need to take a lesson from this guy.  He gets out there – works the posters and town.  Everyone in town knows about the show.  We stopped in the gas station to ask about where the show was and everyone knew about it.  Does that sound simple??  It is, but very few promoters get out and do this kind of advertising and such…As mentioned the ECBB are really over here, but you know – they are over everywhere they go when given a chance…Koko was taking photos at his gimmick table during intermission.  He would not take FREE photos with cell phones and cameras.  Some might think that is a bit shitty, but guy has to make his money.  It does make him feel “special” – from other talent…Hustlers were trained by Tucker.  They are from Luxora and I expected them to be cheered.  They were when they first came out, but after their mic spill they got booed.  They are both really good on the mic, especially at this stage of their career…Although the overall wrestling was not great, the psychology was there and all the guys worked hard.  Crowd was into it, which made it entertaining…Thanks for Freddy, Frankie and Big Daddy for letting me be their guest.  Special thanks to Brian Thompson for surprising me and coming out to join Kayte, Karly and me for the show. Thanks to everyone that bought the Yearbook.  Thanks to all cast and crew! Fun time was had by all.