Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Arena Report: PCWA Paragould, AR 3.25.11

----Arena Report from Friday night.
 ----Aaron Matthews beat Josh Cross.  This was good solid opening match. Matthews surprised me – he was small, but worked really hard.  Good psychology and Cross has improved tons since I watched him the first time.  Timing was good. [**1/2]

----Marshall beat Zack Richards. This was a horrible bout and neither guy belongs in the ring.  Zack had a valet that was bigger than him.  Marshall [who has worked as Sgt Shakedown/PP3] brought his 5 year old daughter out to valet him.  Marshall hit Richards with his own kendo stick for the win. [DUD] 

----Rik Burton/Acid beat Chris Stryker/Big Indian in the big match on the show.  Just a basic psychology match with all 4 guys working hard.  Burton/Acid are usually solid, but I think this is the best I have seen Stryker/Indian.  Everything looked solid.  Heat on Indian with hot tag to Stryker.  Stryker worked this perfect with having to hit three closelines to drop Acid [much bigger] and fans were hot for it.  Stryker went for his finish, but ended up get screwed in the end. [**3/4]

----"LSD" [Deadly Dale/Cody Only] with Frank Martin beat Shawn Williams/TW Justice. This was supposed to be a tag match, but for some reason Justice just sit on the ring apron waiting on the hot tag doing absolutely nothing. Remember guys – you got to work the crowd even when you are on the outside.  Williams did a nice dive to shine. Dale/Cody were flawless here taking over with heat on Williams with it turning into pretty much a squash.  TW missed the hot tag, so Dale just punch him off the apron and “LSD” finished it up with the “3D” for the win.  [**1/2]

----Reggie Montgomery beat Marshall.  Reggie was suppose to wrestle Freezer Thompson, but worked Marshall instead.  Reggie has always been decent, but there is no way he is going to get a good match out of Marshall.  He just took him to ground and beat on him. [DUD]

-----Adrian Stratton beat Arnez.  This was just a slow methodical match from two big guys.  Nothing really wrong with the match – good psychology and such.  Nothing to rave about either.  My guilty pleasure of Stratton running across the ring with his splashes crack me up. [**1/2]


----150+ in the building…They ran angle at the beginning with ‘LSD” with “Big Money” Frank Martin. This brought out Rottn Randy with Rik Burton/Acid.  There was a challenge – but with both teams heels, no one knew who to pick.  Randy did get a better face reaction than Martin…Cross looks real good and works hard.  He would do great with a babyface mask – kind of an American luchador type gimmick.  He would sell tons of gimmicks…Marshall should have NEVER bought out his daughter out.  I am not sure her age, but if she looked 5 years old.  This was just a lawsuit waiting to happen and this is why we do have commissions. Richards should have never been carrying a kendo stick – that is Enforcer’s gimmick…Stryker showed me here why he got some many nominations for Most Improved.  I honestly think if he continues this year, he would be a strong contender – he just look more confident and it looked easy for him…LSD bout would have been a better rating, but it was just a squash.  Everyone talks about the “Asylum” being one of the only real teams in this area – LSD should be considered in that category.  They are planning to do a “Freebirds” type gimmick with Idol Bane, Uncle Filthy, Cody, Dale  and Martin as their manager.   Their match would have been shit if they were not professional and seasoned a bit – they knew to just take over and finish it up. ...Reggie was funny coming out to an all white crowd and throwing crackers at the “crackas”…I think this was a good crowd for their second show.  This group needs some adjusting and keep guys like Marshall off their shows, but other than that – Paragould is going to come out and support if they continue to put on shows at this level or better….I will go with Frank Martin has my top pick so far this year as Manager.  Good mic skills and looks the gimmick…#50 Loose Cannon was backstage hanging out...Thanks to everyone – cast and crew.  Fun was had by all!!

ACID vs Chris Stryker
Maxwell with his daughter??  WTF??
Photos by Melanie Hall