Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Big Announcement: RRO Top 50 - Fifty From Five Years!!

----The announcement is....

----RRO will celebrate our 5 year anniversary in a very special way.  We will start a countdown of the RRO Top 50 – Fifty From Five Years.   The numbers have been tallied from the last five years of awards – nominations and wins.  If you were not nominated or if you did not win a RRO Award, then do not expect your name to be listed.  The list includes managers, tag teams, web sites, writers, promotions etc – everything that makes up RRO and the surrounding area. As with any countdown of talent, there is going to be controversy on who belongs in it and who does not belong.  The PWI 500 has always had debate since its inception and I expect it to happen with the RRO Top 50.  We will post an entry each day starting Friday counting down to May 13th with #1.  Each day will include a photo along with awards won on RRO and a comment about that person by Brian Tramel.  There will also be a link, so that readers can go and click to post their thoughts each day about that person.  We plan to compile comments and such for a special section in Yearbook 2011.