Sunday, March 20, 2011


----FTW continues to draw big in Newbern!

----We will have full results posted in a few days, but they officially had 181 paid in the building, which is 5 less paid than last week..but..they also gave away 20 tickets to a nursing home and 16 more comp tickets to family and such.  217 total in the building beating their old record set last week of 207.  I know there will be "haters" out there saying "well they gave 20 away..." or "tickets are only $5" or something like that.  The fact is this - FTW out of the gate has gave the fans in the area something that seems to make them want to come back - week in and week out so far.  A major test is coming up next Saturday with it being the last Saturday of the month [economy] and the return of EWE to Ripley.  

----They ran a big angle with "FOP" [Sarge O'Rily/Mickey Ray] taking a beat down from the new team of Jason Reed and Motley Cruz [who apparently has been cleared of all wrong doing in this court case].  Photo below posted on Ron Bryson's Facebook.