Thursday, March 17, 2011

IWA Deep South Carnage Cup 7 DVD now on sale!

\You've heard about it for weeks on Cheap Heat Radio, now's your chance to check out the sickest show of the year and the ONLY Death Match Tournament south of the Mason Dixon....IWA Deep South Carnage Cup 7!

To order go to:

Here's the line up:

IWA Deep South DVD February 26, 2011 "Carnage Cup 7" - Cullman, AL
1. Thumbtack Kickpads: Chris Dickinson vs. Jonny Mangue
2. Carpet Strip Mayhem: Jimmy Feltcher vs. Pinkie Sanchez
3. Smash, Pow, B@M!: Danny Havoc vs. Matt Tremont
4. Barbwire Boards & Weapons: Viper vs. Devon Moore
5. Pits of Hell: Neil Diamond Cutter vs. David Day
6. SAW Deathmatch: John Rare vs. Spider Boodrow
7. Phil Macchio vs. Jeremy Flynt
8. Light Tube Doors: Danny Havoc vs. Devon Moore
9. Loose Light Tubes & Weapons: Chris Dickinson vs. Pinkie Sanchez
10. Exorcist Deathmatch: John Rare vs. Neil Diamond Cutter
11. Hardcore Rumble
12. Chrisjen Hayme vs. Freakshow
13. Tables, Ladders, Light Tubes, & Chairs: Pinkie Sanchez vs. Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Matt Tremont