Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Listen to last night's Cheap Heat Radio- Carnage Cup 7 Review

Monday night Gene Jackson was joined by Chrisjen Hayme, "the Angel of Death" John Rare, and the 2011 Carnage Cup champion Pinkie Sanchez to discuss the very brutal and exciting IWA Deep South Carnage Cup 2011.
Many highlights of the show are discussed such as Spidar Boodrow being stabbed in the arm with a box cutter, people jumping off a coke machine through a table covered with needles, Danny Havoc going to the hospital, and much more. Another interesting point is listening to Chrisjen Hayme telling about having to go out and follow the death matches with a regular wrestling match for the Deep South title. A very insightful and fun edition of Cheap Heat Radio that can be listened to here or go to the all new cheapheatradio.com to check out this week's show, past shows. and keep up with all the upcoming attractions on Cheap Heat Radio.