Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oz to Debut March 26th for EWE!!

----As speculated after Oz did not win the FTW Title, Oz will debut in the EWE return.

----Oz was scheduled the win and become the first FTW Title.  He has easily been the most over babyface in the building for months and was the perfect choice.  When the poster for the EWE return was revealed, Oz was featured on that poster with apparently him agreeing to work for them??  Or did he??  The story I was told is that Oz believed he could work double duty and work both promotions, but Sarge O'Rielly had already talked with EWE about them not using the same main talent when they are in big angles. [smart idea of moving them in and out]  During the week, Sarge made the decision to put the belt on Dazzlin Dixie, instead of Oz, which I guess was sort of "punishment" for a possible jump to EWE.  I think if the original plan would have went through Oz would still be with FTW and just join EWE down the line when FTW was done with him.  So, with the heat of him "maybe" jumping along with him not winning the belt, Oz announced he will debut with the EWE return.  It will be interesting to see if there is crowd decrease in the next few weeks because of  him leaving and EWE returning.