Sunday, March 06, 2011

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.05.11

----Results from last night.

----I added some the first names and such to the results that were sent.  These are the same guys that worked West Memphis on Fright night from Central Illinois.  Not sure who Murdoch, Matthews and Styles was though?? 

1st.match: Jason Vendetta and Serenity vs  Loose Cannon and Nikki
Cannon and Jason V start the match. The crowd is booing Jason V and Serenity. Cannon gets the advantage on Jason V. Jason tags in Serenity. Cannon tags in Nikki. Serenity gets the advantage on Nikki. Nikki comes back with some arm drags. Jason and Serenity try to double team Cannon and Nikki. Cannon and Nikki win with a double school boy.

2nd match: Christian Rose vs Indian:
Christian gains the advantage early on. He throws some knife edge chops to Indian. Indian throws Christian into the turnbuckle and throws some chops of his own. Indian gains momentum again throwing a kick right to Indian’s head. Indian is dazed. Christian hits the spinning forearm and gets the win.

3rd match: Jon Divosi vs Chris Stryker:
Crowd really behind Stryker as he uses his strength advantage on the smaller Divosi. Divosi gains the advantage by working on the left arm of Chris Stryker taking the strength of Chris Stryker. Divosi hits the diving elbow and pins Stryker but gets up before the ref counts 3. Stryker takes advantage and hits the Strkeout. Stryker gets the win.

4th Match: Da Cobra vs Seth Sabor:
Corba uses his speed to get the advantage early on. Cobra takes Sabor down with snapmare and dropkicks him in the face. Sabor is dazed. Cobra goes up for the 450 splash but misses. Sabor takes advantage and hits the RKO for the win.

5th Match: Nick Cutler/Blake Steel/Truk Thompson vs Austin Lane/Lee Michaels/Styles
Austin and Blake start the match for their teams. J Nick, Blake and Truk fall to the floor. Lee Michaels jumps over for a plancha but gets caught; Austin Lane and Styles take them all out with a suicide dive. Back and forth match, match gets broken down. Austin wins with spear pinning J Nick.

6th Match: Matthews vs Murdoch
Big clash of styles, Matthews, the high flyer. Murdoch, the powerhouse. Matthews worked the legs trying to take the power away from Murdoch. Murdoch takes hits the flatbed for the win.

7th Match: Bonecrushers vs CCR
Bonecrushers were accompanied by Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, back and forth match. Niether team had the advantage. Blaylock entered the ring hit Demon X with his cane. The teams brawl outside ending the match in a no contest.

8th Match: Jon Allen vs Jimmy Karryt
Crowd was into this match. Both men are high flyers. Fast paced back and forth match up. Karryt hit Alan with the dropkick. Alan comes back with the double foot stomp to the back. Alan goes for his moonsault. Karryt moves out of the way and hits him with the Gold Digger.

9th match: Cecil Cerveza/Matt Cage vs Johnny Hawk/Hot Rod Ellison
Another clash of styles, the young up and comers against the hall of famers. Hawk and Hot rod hit the ring and start brawling outside the ring. Hawk cuts open his elbow. Back and forth match between the two. Cage hits the superkick on Hawk. Hot Rod hits the superkick on Cage. Hawk and Hot Rod win the match after a superkick/backdrop combination.