Tuesday, March 01, 2011

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 2.26.11 - DCW RETURNS with 500 Fans!!

----Results from Saturday night.

Rodney Mack vs Austin Rhodes

DCW at the National Armory Feb. 26 2011

For the first time since June 5 2010 DCW was back in Jonesboro The show starts with Jeff Perryman and Rick Ruby introducing the newest member to the dogg pound, Drew Dogg, the son of Rick Ruby. The introduction is cut short by the appearance of Austin Rhodes who gives a big boot to Rick Ruby then drops Jeff Perryman. Drew Dogg then gets shoved into the corner where he climbs up top and jumps on Austin to be caught and slammed to the mat. Austin then declares that he wants Rodney Mack who then runs to the ring and the fight is on.By this time Rick Ruby is up and joins Rodney in clearing the ring of Austin. Austin gets on the mic and says he wants Rodney Mack in a falls count anywhere in the building match so the he can get some payback for Rodney putting him on the shelf for 8 months. Now Jeff is up and says that the match will be the main event.

Tha Action Jon Alan vs Pokerface vs Galan Ramirez
Jon Alan pinned Galan Ramirez and Pokerface pinned Jon Alan
winner Pokerface

Cowboy Jeremy Young vs Heartthrob Phillip Barnard
winner Cowboy Jeremy Young
Rudy Boy Gonzolas vs Jacob Kilgore
winner Jacob Kilgore
The Mexican Assassin Tejano Kid vs Lucky
winner Lucky
Nick Bondage vs Sweet Daddy Jones
winner Sweet Daddy Jones
Angel of Sin vs Rique Jackson
winner Angel of Sin
6 man tag match
Natural Born Playaz with Big Josh vs Team Sex with Aaron Hart
winner Natural Born Playaz with Big Josh
tag team match
Rod Price and Ron Rage with J.B.Hayes vs J.D. Kerry and Genesis
winner JD Kerry and Genesis
Match # 9
Simply Luscious with Angelina vs Jazz
winner Jazz
MATCH # 10 main event
Austin Rhodes vs Redd Dogg Rodney Mack
This match was only in the ring long enough for the introductions and the initial lock up of the wrestlers then it was on the floor. Rodney sent Austin into the ringpost which busted him open then Rodney got a chair and beat on Austin then Austin got a chair and busted Rodney open and now both wrestlers were bloody. Austin then grabbed some snow cone syrup and squirted Rodney. Rodney grabs a broom and uses it to choke Austin. Rodney then gets a two count before Austin gets the broom and and gives a low blow to Rodney with the handle then breaks it over the head of Rodney. Austin then uses the broken end of the handle to gouge Rodney in the forehead. They then fight across the back of the building up the other side back close to the ring until Austin knocks out the ref and gets Rodney down and is really pounding on him. Suddenly Rick Ruby runs out with a chain wrapped around his fist and knocks out Austin the motion for someone in the back. Here comes Drew Dogg dressed in A referee shirt. Rick Ruby pulls Rodney on top of Austin and ref Drew Dogg counts 1 2 3 your winner Rodney Mack. 

Credit: Photo & Results by Paul Beauchamp

----DCW returns to Jonesboro on March 26th at the YMCA...I have worked with Austin Rhodes back in the day with Mid-South Wrestling in Gibson, TN.  He has changed ALOT!!