Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RassleResults: EWE RETURN!! Ripley, TN 3.26.11

----Results from Saturday night.
First match
Izzy Rotten wins over Houmack (Rude Trainee)
Second Match
Tim Edwards and Afro Assassin wins over Rhythm & Blues (Who came out to the Biggest Pop of the Night ) after Steel tags in Ike and somehow gets nailed with a chain as he had the pin on Afro, while the ref is not looking.
Third Match 
C Money (heel) wins over Seth Knight after reversing the sour face silencer into a school boy roll up with his feet on the ropes for leverage. (Very technical match & very over with the fans)
Fourth Match
Rocker wins over Bishop by DQ when after hitting the superkick Full Deck hits the ring on Rocker and all 3 beat him down until NxN [Pokerface/Rude] makes the save. Bishop, Joker, and Ace (Full Deck) got lots of heat and NxN gets a huge pop. Solid Match
Fifth Match
Big Red vs OZ Goes to a no contest so both Guys advance in Title Tournament
Main Event
NxN wins over Nick Grimes and David Andrews with a 3D then got jumped by Full Deck
First Match was good with Izzy getting good Heat and the rest of the lineup had to follow suit, and did just that!...Estimated over 250 ppl in the house and the fans really wanted EWE to come back....Some ppl actually made donations @ the door saying I know its free tonight but we want ya'll to stay!!! ...Lets see if all these fans come back April 2nd when the show is not free. 
----Below are some pics of the crowd and one of the "Meet and Greet" earlier that day...Looks like "NxN" worked both FTW and EWE, but look to be here to stay.  It should be fun with vs Full Deck...All single matches were for the EWE Title.  Results say Big Red and Oz both advance from No Contest.  First time I have seen that.