Monday, March 07, 2011

RassleResults: FTW Newbern, TN 3.05.11 - Crowd Increases!!

----Results from Saturday night.

-Mad Money Mike opened the show by telling everyone he had a new tag team [The Shadows] and that they were going to win the tag belts. He made a challenge to anyone in the back or area! Biscuit and Wezzy came out and aceppted the challenge. Good solid match the crowd was so behind them but with the help of MMM - got the ref's attention and The Shadows both spryed a red mist into their eyes and got the pin. 

2nd match: 2nd round for the heavyweight tittle Big Dave and Allen Walker started the drawing. .. Rickey Andrews vs Shannon Lee - good match the people really like Andrews. Ricky went over with a bull dog off the 2nd rope. Good pop!

3rd match they drew Sarge O'Riley with MMMike vs Gaylon Ray. Ray's music played but no Gaylon, so the ref came out and told Dave and Allen that Gaylon wasn't  there. Sarge thought he had won, but they pulled out another name - C-Money and the place went crazy.  Sarge over C-Money when MMMike gave him some flour - C-money saw it and kicked the flour out of Sarge's hand - it went all in the face of the ref.  Sarge used the sit down powerbomb to get the win.. 

4th Match: 1st round tag team tourny.. The Asylum [Pappy/Psycho] vs Syn/Stunner with Jason The Brain and Lil'Bit. XOW is so over. This match is what the people came to see all the high flying and hardcore wresling all in one match.  Psycho and Pappy was in control of this match until one big mistake they let Stunner get the hot tag to Syn and it was on! The Asylum was going for their finish when Syn moved and they ran into each other. SnS got the double school boy for the win! Then out from the back Anton LeVeigh and "Superman" Jason Reed hit the ring and was giving them a beat down and all 4 guys was beating the crap out of SnS. When  Lil Bit and Jason went to the back for help.  As Anton/Reed were cutting a promo all the babys came out for the save with Lil Bit doing a top rope move to send Anton to the floor and Brain spearing Reed. The biggest pop and best match of the night no one could even come close to topping this match! 

5th match Kyatia vs Oz. Before the match could even started Anton and Reed can out still mad and asked MMMike to let Anton finish what he started last week. MMMike agreed so it was Anton vs Oz rematch from last week. Great match - Oz over.

6th match: 1st round tag team match the Missouri Bad Boys with Cookie St James vs "Naughty by Nature" [Rude and Tully] Good damn match MBboys have so much heat! NBW was so over with the crowd! Winners of the match with the "3d" on Mark Southern...NBN! After the match the Bad Boys still wonted more and was beating them down with Tim Davis, Oz and Ricky Andrews hit the ring and cleared it out. Tim Davis told the crowd its only started next week - the "Dazzlers" [Mike Dial/Ricky Hayes] will be here to whoop some "Missouri Ass!"

7th Match: 2nd round for the heavyweight tittle Mark Justice vs the Kid/MMMike - Good match The Kid had the upper hand all through the match but Mark was making his comeback when Kyatia hit Kid on mistake. After that MMMike was mad at the Kid because he couldnt pin Mark.  They beat up Kid until Mark made save putting the SOBs are back together.

----140 paid with a $700 gate and 163 in the building.  It looks like FTW picked up right where NBW left off on gates and such....I was told the biggest pop and match of the night was for Syn and Stunner with Lil Bit and Jason the Brain ....Next week the finals for the heavyweight tittle a new champion will be crowned and 2nd round tag team toury - Sarge and Mickey Ray and Rhythm/Blues will be in the house.  Plus the big match between SnS vs "Latin Lovers" [Anton/Reed]...So we got Sarge, Mark, Andrews and Oz in the finals for FTW Title??  That is the way I am reading it.  I would put Oz over big here...Reporter that sent this in made it a point to mention SnS as being from XOW, but I don't think they should be trying to do a promotion vs promotion thing or even a commish vs commish thing - those two storylines have been beat to death here with the NBW/MACW one lasting for almost a year...I would use "Dazzlers" only for a limited time - good for a hotshot pop and show off some of their current talent...Love the team of Reed/Anton...A little overkill with Sarge being in both the tag tourney and singles tourney, but I don't look for him to win either...Not sure who Kyatia or The Shadows are.  I would guess Weezy on Kaytia by the photos, but might be wrong.  Shadows could be Hardcore Yow with a partner, because that use to be his gimmick.