Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RassleResults: FTW Newbern, TN 3.12.11 - 186 In The Building and Dazzlin Dixie Is First FTW Champion!!

----Results and notes from this past Saturday.

-Show opened with Mad Money Mike announcing he has a new commish – Billy Rush.  Mike signed over 50% of his company to Rush.  SOB music started and Mark Justice walked out.  Justice said he had signed over his 50% of the company to someone also..Billy Rush.  Crowd popped big.  MMMike thought Sarge had something to do with this.

-2cnd Round of Tag Team Tourney: Rhythm and Blues vs Weezy/Biscuit.  Good match with the crowd liking both teams.  “Good Ol’Boys” [Shannon Lee/Gaylon Ray] interfered and the match was thrown out.

-2cnd Match: FTW Title on the Line – Dixie vs Rickey Andrews vs Oz.  Mike sent out Kyatia to superkick Ricky leaving Dixie vs Oz.  Oz went to the top with a cross body – Dixie caught him with a powerslam for the win & becomes the first FTW champion.

-3rd match” [Billy Rush told Big Dave to not pull any names out for this tourney match and made it after Sarge turned]  “Family of Pain” [Mickey Ray/Sarge] vs The Shadows.  Hot tag to Mikey with the Shadows trying to do the ninja mist, but hit each other.  Mickey hit a pump handle on one of them and Sarge with the sit down powerbomb for the win.

-4th match: “Naughty by Nature” [Rude/Tully] beat Houmac [another new face??]/Kyatia with MMMike.  NBN hit the 3-D for the win. 

-5th Match: “Missouri Bad Boys” [Mark Southern/Missouri Renegade] beat “Dazzlers” [Mike Dial/Ricky Hayes] in a wild one.  Mark got busted wide open when he got thrown into the wall.

-Main Event: Syn/Stunner vs Jason Reed/Anton LeVeigh – they started fighting before the bell rang and Billy Rush threw the match out.  Rush promised rematch next week with Jason the Brain as the special ref.


----186 paid with a total of 207 in the building.  That is the biggest non-big show paid crowd in this building…Fans knew that MMMike and Mark were owners of the company, so that was nice to watch them put Rush in charge…I am glad they decided on turning Sarge.  Sarge is a babyface in this area and does not do good as a heel when half the crowd is cheering for him…I have mixed feeling about Dixie winning the belt.  I love the idea that they bring in someone that is not even in the tourney and putting the belt on him.  Very heelish and gets the guy over right off the bat.  I honestly would have put it on a younger heel, but if he gets over with it and they have a babyface chasing it – then it will work.  Apparently the original plan was for Oz to win, but rumors that Oz was going to jump to EWE fueled during the week when the poster was seen on this site…They listed this as “Dazzlers” last match, so I guess this was just an one time thing…I was also told Anton LeVeigh is gone from this group due to cussing the crowd.  Apparently he called some woman a “bitch” last week and then another woman this week…but…the woman this week was Mark Justice’s wife. Bad Call!!  [Sorry D-Rock..LOL]