Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RassleResults: FTW Newbern, TN 3.19.11

----Results from Saturday's record breaking crowd.
-Dazzlin Dixie opened the show with Mad Money Mike.  They issued a challenged to anyone and Sarge O’Riley came out.  Sarge got good pop and Dixie got heat.

-1st Match: “Georgia Boys” [Shannon Lee/Gaylon Ray]  beat “Swagger Boys” [Weezy/Biscuit].  New names for both teams.  Fast match with Lee/Ray hitting their finisher for the win.

-2cnd Match:  Rickey Andrews beat Kyatia with the Stinger DDT. 

-3rd Match: The Shadows with MMMike beat C-Money/DriveBy when The Shadows did the old Nightmares switcheroo gimmick. 

4th Match: “SOBs” [Mark Justice/The Kid] beat “Super Metal Brothers” [Suicide/Jai Webster].  This was the first time they have tagged since Kid turned on Mark in Feb.  Mark got into chopping SMBs.  Mark hit the “Hard Justice” and Kid hit a moonsault on Jai for the pin.

5th Match: Motley Cruz/Jason Reed beat “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Riley/Mickey Ray].  Heat on Sarge when he missed a closeline and Cruz hit a reverse neckbreaker.  Hot tag to Mickey.  Mickey cleaned house leaving Jason/Sarge in the ring. Both Sarge/Mickey were bleeding at this point.  Sarge got the sitdown powerbomb on Reed, but Cruz used a chair to open up Sarge more for the win.  Cruz/Reed beatdown FOP after the match leaving them in a pool of blood.

----They need someone besides Sarge chasing the title belt or Sarge is going to be overexposed…I was told the “Swagger Boys” gimmick was over.  I like the idea of teams getting names, but the “Georgia Boys”?? Am I missing something??...Andrews turned his ankle during the match and was carried out.  He was real sore the next day, but might be back by the weekend.  It looks like they got the US vs Mexico feud with these two going good…Bishop/Tatt2 no showed, so C-Money/DriveBy went in against Shadows…C-Money is done with this group and headed to EWE…I am hearing nothing but great things about the “Super Metal Brothers” gimmick.  I can’t wait to see it this weekend as RRO will be at FTW for the book tour…They ran an angle where Bill Rush sent a text [love that!] with them suspending Syn/Stunner for a week and Anton LeVeigh for 90 days…They also had Reed come out with them telling him he had to find a partner and he brought out Motley Cruz….I was told the main event angle was hot and bloody.  Apparently Mickey/Sarge are taking the upcoming week off to sell the beatdown…This week’s show has “GA Boys” vs “Naughty By Nature” [Pokerface/Rude], Shadows vs SOBS, Syn/Stunner vs Cruzz/Reed, Swagger Boys vs Super Metal Brothers and “Flag on a Pole” Match: Ricky Andrews vs Kyatia.