Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RassleResults: FTW Newbern, TN 3.26.11 - FTW Gets a Name Change!

----Results from Saturday night.

-1st Match: “Naughty by Nature”  “Georgia Boys” [Gaylon Ray/Shannon Lee] beat [Pokerface/Rude].

-2cnd Match: Kyatia beat Ricky Andrews in a “Flag on a Pole” Match.  It was going Andrews’s way until Mad Money Mike threw a chain to Kyatia to use for the win.  Kyatia then strapped Andrews after the match to set up a strap match this week.

-3rd Match: “Metal Brothers” [Jai Webster/Suicide] beat “Swagger Boys” [Weezy/Biscuit] to advance to semi-finals of the tag tourney.

-4th Match: Syn/Stunner beat Motley Cruz/Eric Hayes by DQ with special ref Jason The Brain.  Cruz kept his heat using the spike he used to bust up Sarge and Mickey from last week.  Heat on Syn with hot tag to Stunner.  During the hot tag, Hayes accidently hit Cruz and Cruz dropped the spike.  Jason dq’ed them and Cruz beat Hayes up until Sarge made the save.Syn/Stunner move into the semi-finals.

-Main Event: “SOBs” [Kid/Mark Justice] beat The Shadows to advance to the semi-finals.  Finish had the Shadows do the “Nightmares” switcharoo and then Shadow hit mist in the ref’s eyes when Justice pulled him into the way.  SOBs hit springboard double closeline from the top rope to win the match.


----146 in the building, which was a 29% decrease in the crowd the week before.  The return of EWE with a free and the end of the month had to have some effect on them.  The true test is the next four weeks when each go head to head with paid crowds…Looks like NxN will be at EWE…Andrews is being booked perfectly as a babyface – taking a beating over and over.  It will just get him over more…Jason Reed was suppose to be Cruz’ partner, but they said Reed was “double-booked” – not sure what is going on there.  It probably got a good pop, but I would have saved Sarge from the crowd…Driveby is in a new SOB – he is called Dirty SOB…Not sure the shoot story behind the name change, but the angle has Billy Rush [commish] changing it to Full Tennessee Wrestling because it is the fans of Tennesse’s show, not Mad Money Mike…Next week has the fans strap match, Dixie defends against Running Wolf and the finals of the tag tournament…Rush also announced that Robert “The Main Factor” Devine had signed to come in and I look for them to give him a big babyface push.