Sunday, March 13, 2011

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 3.11.11

----Results from Friday night.
1st match - Shawn William defeated Snuffy the Hillbilly when he reversed the mule kick into a Boston crab for the win !!!

2nd match - The Hambones retain their championships over Chris Idol & Hillbilly Tucker !!
3rd match - Big Jim wins by DQ to keep the Heavyweight strap over Frankie Tucker when Pimptacular comes out to help Tucker !! They're beating up Big Jim pretty bad when ECBB's make the save !!
4th match - Lucky & Chris Steele vs LA Hustlers !! Nothing was settled here because neither team was giving in !!
5th match - East coast bad Boyz (Spyro & C-money) vs Pimptacular & Frankie Tucker !! Surprise for Pimp & Tuck !!! Reggie B Fine was in Spyro & C-money's corner !! But in the end it was a surprise for ECBB's !! Reggie B turned on East coast to help Tuck & Pimp !! Beat down on Spyro & C until Big Daddy runs out to make the save !!!