Wednesday, March 09, 2011

RassleResults: NWF Batesville, AR 3.05.11

----Results from this Saturday night.

3.5.11: Big Betrayal
The second show of NWF at Batesville opened with DJ Infinite welcoming all of the fans in attendance, and also letting them know there would be a raffle later in the show for many different items. This show was also a benefit show for Hell Fighter's Ministry who were in attendance for the show. We had a nice crowd of around 75-100 fans.

Opening Match
"NWF Champion" Tommy Wayne vs Chris Idol

This was a nice match that saw some good offense from both men. The match went back and forth and Tommy looked to be in control. He had Idol down and climbed to the top rope but out of the back came Little Lucky who shoved Tommy off the top rope and a 2 on 1 beat down ensued until Big Al made the save! Lucky and Idol ran off as Al hit the ring. Tommy then got a microphone and issued a challenge for the main event where Tommy and Al would face Lucky and Idol in a tag team match. Lucky and Idol excepted.

Winner: Tommy Wayne via DQ

2nd Match
Lethal Leprechaun vs Hillbilly Tucker

The next match saw Leprechaun get into it with the fans at ringside. They argument went on for what seemed like 10 minutes before the match officially got under way. Tuck had the crowd behind him and this angered Leprechaun. Leprechaun got into it with the crowd again with allowed Tuck to take control and get a surprise win on Leprechaun. Tuck celebrated the win as Leprechaun threw a hissy-fit in the ring much to the delight of the crowd.

Winner: Hillbilly Tucker

Up next was a brief intermission before the next match. DJ Infinite announced all the great sponsors of the NWF in Batesville.

Heuer's Family Shoes
J & J Pawn
Autry White River Furniture
Ink Fountain
Car Today
Deals for Dollars
Dying Breed Designs(aka awesomeness)
Brads Vacuum
Jills Alterations
Renne's Upholstery & Design
MR Pawn
Ramsey Mtn. Pool Hall
Cell Phone Central
John S. Gramnmer

3rd Match
Lance Boudroueax vs Gary Diamond

This match up saw both men give it their best. Lance used his cheap tactics to try and control the match but Gary wouldn't back down. Gary would fight back and Lance would eventually get dropped with the Diamond Cutter.

Winner: Gary Diamond

Following the match was the raffle for various different items. The following items were raffled off to the fans in attendance.

Ninja Yamaha Hat
Ink Fountain Coolies and Light Key Chains
Bee Jay Hair Style $20 Gift Certificate
A Vacuum from Brads Vacuum
Allender Auto Sale Free Oil Change
Edward Jones Christian Books
Ghostbusters Video Game for the Playstation 3

The winner of the Hair Style Certificate was for sure the best comedy of the night as a bald biker won it. The crowd loved it and I did as well.

Main Event
Lucky and Chris Idol vs Tommy Wayne and Big Al

This match was made earlier in the night after Lucky and Idol attempted a beat down on Tommy but Big Al would have none of it. Lucky and Idol kept Tommy well isolated from getting a tag to the big man. They just kept using cheap tactics to keep Tommy grounded and far away from tagging out to Big Al. Tommy would finally get the tag to the big man and the crowd went nuts. Al came in like a wild fire knocking both Lucky and Idol off their feet. Al took one of them to the outside and slam him head first into the wall by the DJ booth which was right by Money Man McComas. McComas quickly caught Al's attention and handed him what looked like a stack of one hundred dollar bills to which Al took and quickly got back in the ring where he ten laid of his best friend Tommy Wayne! Idol and Lucky got the pin following it.

Winners: Chris Idol and Little Lucky

Money Man McComas then got in the ring as a 3 on 1 beat down ensued on Tommy. Big Al knocked out the referee in a violent fashion and then another referee ran out from the back but he was disposed of by Al as well. Lucky and Idol held up Tommy as Al wrapped a chain around his fist and nailed Tommy right in the head with it. Lucky got on the microphone as Al rapidly punched Tommy in the head and busted him wide open with the chain. Lucky said this is the beginning of the end of Tommy Wayne and the beginning of the end of the NWF because they are taking over this company. Al continued to destroy Tommy with the chain and then all 4 men left the ring as Tommy laid bloodied, battered, and betrayed. Lucky proclaimed Big Al to be the next NWF Champion.

Big Al, Chris Idol, Little Lucky, and Money Man McComas left the building as Tommy had to be helped to the back by DJ Infinite and Tommy's own mother. I'm wondering what Tommy Wayne is going to have to say about this next week when he's fully recovered from such a savage beating. That is if he is even recovered by next week. This is for sure a dark day in the beginning of the NWF.

Credit: Dexter