Sunday, March 13, 2011

RassleResults: NWF Batesville, AR 3.12.11

----Results from Saturday night.
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3.12.11: RoseFire! and Tommy's Revenge!

Another great week of wrestling in Batesville, AR. We had 98 paying customers with between 150-175 in the crowd. RoseFire played a live set before the show began. The Christian rock band seemed to have a great time with all of the fans in attendance and I enjoyed their music. They sang a mix of original songs of their own as well as covers of famous songs such as Skillet's "Monster" and P.O.D.'s "Alive". A great atmosphere in the NWF arena.

The show opened with the new faction labeling themselves Murder Ink. They are made up of Lethal Leprechaun, Little Lucky, Chris Idol, and Lance Boudreaux. Lance looked to be more of an enforcer for the group. Murder Ink stated that they are in the NWF to take over. This brought out the returning Zach Hanson. Zach officially made it known that he is the commissioner of the promotion and said that Murder Ink would not be taking over but they would all be in singles action. Chris Idol will be taking on Slick Rick. Lethal Leprechaun will face off with Hillbilly Tucker. Little Lucky will square off with Tommy Wayne. And Lance Boudreaux will face Gravedigger!! Lance didn't look too happy with that news. He in fact looked down right scared.

1st Match
Suicide w/ Jay Webber vs Curly Mo

The was the first match of the action packed night. Both men brought their best and Curly Mo had the crowd solidly behind him. Suicide and Webber had to use cheap tactics which in turn got Suicide disqualified. The two beat down Curly Mo and left him laying but Mo didn't stay down. He got on the mic and said he didn't care, he wanted both of the Super Metal Brothers tonight!

Winner: Curly Mo via DQ

2nd Match
Slick Rick vs Chris Ido

There was a slight miscue with the music for Slick Rick but he still had the crowd behind him for the match. Slick Rick had the match in control until Idol used his cheating tactics to take control and eventually used a chain while the referee was distracted to knock Slick Rick out.

Winner: Chris Idol

There was a 15 minute intermission in which RoseFire played again to the delight of the fans and wrestlers in attendance. A great Christian rock band. I would definitely look them up.

3rd Match
Lance Boudreaux vs Gravedigger

Lance didn't look the slightest bit happy that he had to face the man from death valley, Gravedigger. Gravedigger had the entire building solidly behind him. Lance eventually got in the ring and was overpowered by the big Gravedigger. Lance re thought his strategy but was again stopped by Gravedigger. Lance eventually got the upper hand through cheating ways and kept the big man down. Lance continued to control the match until he caught a boot to the face from Gravedigger. That was the beginning of the end as Gravedigger nailed a huge chokeslam on Lance.

Winner: Gravedigger

The rest of Murder Ink attempted to hit the ring but stopped as soon as Gravedigger saw them. All three men ran from Gravedigger as he left ringside.

4th Match
Hillbilly Tucker vs Lethal Leprechaun

This was a rematch from the previous week. Tucker again had the crowd behind him this week. The crowd chanted "midget" at Leprechaun. Tucker used his size advantage against Leprechaun but Leprechaun used the number game as he had Chris Idol with him. Leprechaun eventually used the cheating ways to knock Tucker out with a chain similar to Idol.

Winner: Lethal Leprechaun

Murder Ink hit the ring and began to beat down Tucker until Tommy Wayne made the save with a steel chair in hand! Murder Ink quickly scattered from the ring and Tommy helped Tucker to his feet and held his hand in the air to the delight of the crowd.

There was another brief intermission following intermission. During the intermission Tommy Wayne and Zach Hanson made their way to the ring. Tommy said he has been wrestling for a long time and said that there are two people who have had the biggest part in his wrestling career. He went on to say that he is starting a Hall of Fame and tonight he is inducting the first two entrants. First he brought out his mother. He said she has been a big help in his career. She was crying as she entered the ring and Tommy gave her the Hall of Fame picture and hugged her. Tommy then said the next entrant is someone he has had his ups and downs with but owes alot to this man. He then asked for Gravedigger to come out. After a few moments, Gravedigger made his way out to chants of "Digger". Tommy said alot about Gravedigger and then gave him his Hall of Fame picture. Zach Hanson then said a few words about Gravedigger and how much he respects him. Alot of people respect both this these first entrants. I know I do. This was a classy moment in Batesville wrestling history.

5th Match
Super Metal Brothers vs Curly Mo & Chop Chop

Curly Mo said he wasn't alone. He has a partner and that man is straight out of the mental institution. Chop Chop made his way out in a straight jacket and the Super Metal Brothers didn't look happy. They looked scared in fact. This was a very competitive tag team bout. Both teams brought their best. I saw some very innovative tag team moves from the super metal brothers. Chop Chop eventually got the hot tag into the ring and went to work on both men. The Super Metal Brothers got the win after a samoan drop and neck breaker combo.

Winners: The Super Metal Brothers

Main Event
Tommy Wayne vs Little Lucky

This was labeled as Tommy's revenge for last week. Although Big Al wasn't in the building, Lucky was. All 4 members of Murder Ink came to the ring but 3 of them were sent to the back as the commissioner Zach Hanson told them they were banned from ringside. Tommy and Lucky battled with the best they had with Lucky trying to cheat. Tommy nailed a huge superplex on Lucky that took alot out of both men. Tommy nailed a huge top rope crossbody on Lucky that got him the win.

Winner: Tommy Wayne

Murder Ink hit the ring and began a four on one beat down. All four men were putting the boots to Tommy until Gravedigger's music hit. The crowd went nuts as Gravedigger made his way to the ring. Murder Ink ganged up on Gravedigger but he fought them off. All four men or choke-slams for their troubles as Gravedigger cleared the ring. Tommy slowly made his way to his feet and then realized it was Gravedigger who helped him. He looked shocked that he had helped him and then Gravedigger raised Tommy's hand in victory and the crowd approved. Gravedigger and Tommy left together as the crowd cheered.

All in all it was an amazing third show here in Batesville. RoseFire said they had a great time playing for the crowd. Be sure to come back next week!