Monday, March 28, 2011

RassleResults: NWF Batesville, AR 3.25.11

----Results from Saturday night.
We had a packed house for our 5th show at NWF in Batesville, AR! And when I say a packed house, I mean it. There was almost nowhere left to sit in the building. I would say we had at least 150+ people in the NWF arena for some great wrestling action.

1st Match
Chris Idol vs Kountry

Kountry just made his debut last week here in the NWF. This week he was looking to knock off Chris Idol. Kountry was on his way to doing just that until the Murder Inc. body guard slid a chain into Idol while the referee was distracted. Idol knocked the young kid out and picked up the cheap win.

2nd Match
Lance Boudreaux vs Chris Slade

Chris Slade made his return to Batesville last week in a successful return beating Chris Idol of Murder Inc and this week he had another successful win over Lance Boudreaux of Murder Inc. Lance took too much time show boating and it came back to haunt him when Slade rolled him up with a magistral cradle for the win. Murder Inc can't be too happy with this.

Following a brief intermission Murder Inc made their way out to the ring. Lucky got on the microphone and said that Murder Inc are winners and they don't lose. He told Lance to step it up and not lose again. Lucky then told Lethal Leprechaun that he missed last weeks show and thats not good. Lethal said he has a broken arm to which Lucky said that sounds like a weakness and then Murder Inc all attacked Lethal. They took him in the ring and put the boots to him, officially kicking him out of Murder Inc.

Match 3
Lethal Leprechaun vs Majic

Next we had the strangest, most bizarre thing I have seen in Batesville in a long time. Lethal had the match under control until Majic picked up an umbrella and twirled it at Lethal, apparently stunning or maybe even hypnotizing him? All I know is Majic's music came on and Lethal was just standing in the ring in a trance. Majic then went around the arena doing it to everyone else. Security guards and fans started dancing like crazy as Majic ran around the arena. Majic got back in the ring and blew some kind of dust in Lethal's face that I guess knocked him out of his hypnosis and rendered him unconscious. Majic then covered him for the three count.

Match 4
Steve O vs Hillbilly Tucker

A somewhat physical battle from two good sized men saw Steve O hit some kind of running knee variation on Tucker followed by a overhead firemans carry slam for the win.

Main Event
Fans Bring The Weapons
Gravedigger & Tommy Wayne vs Muder Inc(Lucky&Lance)

Big Al was originally supposed to be in the match but I guess he chickened out and decided not to show up....but anyways this match was a war. It was chaos. There were so many weapons. Such as a trash can, a pool cue, baseball bats, tire irons, chairs, a cheese grater, and many more. Tommy and Lucky were busted open halfway through the match and it was just brutal. The ending to the match saw Gravedigger drive Lance into thumbtacks with a huge chokeslam followed by Tommy nailing a frog splash off the top. Tommy and Gravedigger stood tall over Murder Inc on this night but you know Murder Inc always has something up their sleeves.

Be sure to come back next week. It's sure to be entertaining like always!
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