Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RassleResults: NWF Batesville, AR 3.19.11

----Results from Saturday night.

It was another great night at NWF in Batesville, AR this past Saturday. There were 5 great matches and one very memorable moment to come from it.

The show began with Murder Inc. making their way to the ring. All the members talked about how awesome Murder Inc. is and that they can't be stopped. Later in the show, Big Al and Lucky will face Tommy Wayne and Gravedigger in a Anything Goes Match.

Match 1
Battle Royal to crown Mid-South Champion

After a long and hard fought battle in the ring, the ending saw Kountry, who was appearing for his first time in the ring and Lucky as the final two. Kountry eliminated Lucky only for Chris Idol to sneak in and eliminate Kountry. Kountry was confused as he thought he had won however the referee's confirmed that Chris Idol was never eliminated so therefore Chris Idol is the Mid-South Champion.

The second match started immediately following the battle royal in which Kountry said he was cheated in the battle royal and wanted to face Lucky.

Match 2
Little Lucky vs Kountry

Big Al made his way out to ringside to be in the corner of Lucky. Kountry put up a great fight against Lucky but was unable to pick up the win due to the numbers game. Big Al cheap shotted Kountry which allowed Lucky to pick up the win. Murder Inc then began beating the kid down until Gravedigger and Tommy Wayne made the save! Murder Inc rang from the ring, scared of Gravedigger and Tommy.

Match 3
Lance Boudreaux vs Hillbilly Tucker

A good back and forth match however the numbers game again played a role in helping Lance pick up the win over Tucker.

Match 4
Chris Idol vs Chris Slade

Chris Slade was making his return to Batesville wrestling. The numbers game tried to play a factor in this match however it led to Slade getting a quick roll up on Idol for the win. Murder Inc didn't look too happy following the match with Idol taking a loss.

Main Event
Anything Goes
Gravedigger and Tommy Wayne vs Murder Inc(Big Al & Lucky)

This match has chaos written all over it. It went all over the NWF arena. A security guard was even unluckily part of the insanity as he was accidentally hit with a chair from Tommy and busted wide open. All 4 men went at it until the rest of Murder Inc hit the ring and brawled with Gravedigger pulling his attention away from the ring and away from Tommy, his partner. Lucky and Al did a 2 on 1 beatdown on Tommy which led to the most insane thing I have seen in Batesville. Murder Inc's body guard brought a table into the ring as Big Al and Lucky put the boots to Tommy. Lucky then covered the table in lighter fluid before setting the table on fire!!! Big Al then viciously powerbombed Tommy into the flaming table as the whole building gasped and became silent. Tommy screamed in pain as security and even the DJ, Infinite jumped in the ring to put the fire out. Gravedigger made his was back out in anger as Murder Inc left ringside quickly. Gravedigger then said next Saturday he is challenging Murder Inc to a anything goes, fans bring the weapons match!

Be sure to come back and bring all your weapons, excluding guns, knives, and any other kind of illegal things. This will surely be a night to remember.