Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RAW is Brian Christopher!!

----Brian Christopher made an appearance in a hot angle last night on RAW.

----Here is what Todd Martian wrote on www.wrestlingobserver.com.

Michael Cole vowed to bring someone from the past to expose what Jerry Lawler is all about and brought Lawler’s son Brian Christopher to the ring. He asked Christopher why he never used the name Brian Lawler. Christopher replied that growing up he never felt like he had a father and that he was neglected. He accused Lawler of never wanting anything to disrupt his spotlight and refusing to acknowledge Christopher as his son. 

Jerry replied that Brian’s not the only one glad that he didn’t use the Lawler name, which was a pretty cold comeback for a face. Lawler called Christopher a bigger screw up than Charlie Sheen. He said that just associating with Cole says what sort of person Christopher is. Christopher said he competed at WrestleMania before Lawler and slapped Lawler a couple of times. Christopher said he didn’t use the Lawler name because he’s ashamed of Jerry. 

Michael Cole said that Lawler doesn’t care about his family or anyone else and that Cole will put Lawler in his place. That brought out Jim Ross. Ross said that this had gone too far. Cole told Ross to go away because Cole is the voice of WWE now. Ross said that nobody can be the voice of WWE because the fans are the voices of WWE. Ross asserted that Lawler has been carrying Cole and called Cole a rat bastard. 

Ross started to leave at which point Cole accused him of leaving the ring with his tail tucked between his legs. Ross dropped his microphone and took off his hat, jacket and tie. Cole did the same and the crowd chanted JR as they started to square off. Jack Swagger then attacked Lawler at the announce table from behind. Swagger kicked Ross and put him in the ankle lock. Lawler made the save but Cole jumped on Lawler’s back and Swagger put Lawler in the ankle lock. Finally, Cole put Ross in the ankle lock. This was a great angle. 

Photo credit: www.wwe.com