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Showtime All-Star Wrestling TV Report for 3.25.11 by Larry Goodman

----SAW report from Larry Goodman.

Showtime All-Star Wrestling – Episode 163
Airing March 25, 2011 on the America One Network
Taped February 12, 2011 at the Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN

SAW airs on America One at 10pm Fridays with a replay at 3pm Sunday. It streams on the internet at 

Last Week on SAW…Jeff “The Crippler” Daniels introduced Hammerjack’s mysterious female assailant as the love of his life, Dominique…Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews wasn’t proud of the twisted thoughts of revenge he was having concerning “The King” Shane Williams…Ryan Genesis was highly pissed about A-Team’s attempt to blind him with scalding hot coffee…Cody Melton upset Drew Haskins for his second win in a row.

Michael Graham plugged the Chase Stevens/Tommy Mercer (TNA’s Crimson) non-TV match that took place at the Stadium Inn on March 12 and revealed the main event -- Picture Perfect making their first title defense vs. the former tag team champions Derrick King Enterprises.

1 – RYAN GENESIS vs. JESSE EMERSON (with Rick Santel & Roxy Rossi)

Emerson failed miserably in his attempt to get the jump on Genesis, who kicked ass straight through to the commercial break. Emerson got an assist from Santel, causing Genesis to crash and burn on a pescado. Emerson gave Genesis a beating, legal and otherwise. Graham referenced the lone match Rudy Charles reffed on behalf of A-Team prior to his suspension. “That had to be a record.” Emerson showboated long enough for Genesis to recuperate and hit a spinebuster slam. Genesis roared back, but Santel interfered, and Emerson capitalized with a standing dropkick. Genesis barely kicked out of Emerson’s Perfect Plex. Emerson did his mean face and pounded Genesis from the mount. Genesis caught Emerson with a powerslam, and there was Santel up on the apron. Genesis grabbed him, but Santel handed an aerosol can to Roxy, and she sprayed Genesis in the eyes. Emerson rolled Genesis up for the three. Santel made light of the situation by walking like a blind man with his cane.

WINNER: Emerson in 8 minutes after Rossi sprayed a noxious substance into the eyes of Genesis.

An ad for the March 12 TV Taping listed Daniels vs. Hammerjack -- Falls Count Anywhere in Davidson County, Andrews vs. Williams, Genesis vs. Emerson. Plus the return of Kid Kash and the winner of Mercer/Stevens gets a shot at SAW Champion Phil Shatter aka TNA’s Gunner (neither of which can be shown on TV).

Former SAW matchmaker Reno Riggins was at ringside with Michele Adams to boost, the “Muscles for Michele” Team, a fundraising effort on behalf of MDA.

SAW comes to the Route 43 Drag Strip in Lawrenceburg TN on Friday, April 1.


Mitchell went directly to the rough stuff and mugged for the camera as he nonchalantly covered for a two count. A stiff spinal tap left Ring writhing in agony. Mitchell followed with a basement dropkick to the back of the head for two. Ring made a mild comeback, using a middle rope back elbow for a near fall. Mitchell cut him off with a high knee. Mitchell made another casual cover, then hit a sweet gutwrench powerbomb for a serious near fall. Mitchell took way too much time on a middle rope elbow. That set up a full-fledged comeback by Ring, building to a swinging neckbreaker for his big near fall. However, Ring couldn’t covert on his finisher, and Mitchell hit a double underhook DDT for the pin. Graham pointed out Mitchell’s finisher was the same move Andrews used to beat him last week.

WINNER: Mitchell in 4:15.

Earlier Today…Graham interviewed Derrick King Enterprises. Johnny Bandanna was bound and gagged with duct tape. Bandanna’s bandana had been strategically stuffed into his mouth. King explained that Bandana had previously cost DKE the tag title by not following orders to stay in the back. “So tonight, you will go absolutely nowhere. You will stay here tied up to this chair.”

Three Weeks Ago… a clip of Picture Perfect beating DKE for the titles after botched interference by Bandanna.

3 – SAW Tag Team Title Match: PICTURE PERFECT (Jon Michael Worthington & Christian Jacobs) vs. DERRICK KING ENTERPRISES (Derrick King & Drew Haskins with Sista O’Feelyah)

The crowd chanted “Dairy Queen” at King. The Jacobs power game was in full effect, as he delivered a series of slams and a double clothesline. Wothington then totally abused Haskins. A comedy of errors added to DKE’s misery. After having Haskins backdropped on top of him, King was seen grasping at a baby stroller to help him get back to his feet. A sneaky piece of interference by King gave DKE the advantage. DKE beat on Jacobs for a quite a while, including three trips outside the ring for various forms of extracurricular activity. After a collision of flying lariats, double tags were made. King wanted to shake hands. Worthington had other ideas. He dished one-on-two punishment. All was well until King caught Worthington with a superkick. It was at this moment that Bandanna came hopping down the aisle still tied to the chair. King could not believe what he was seeing. Picture Perfect hit the Snapshot (powerbomb/neckbeaker combo) and Worthington pinned King.    

WINNER: Picture Perfect retained the SAW Tag Titles in 15:45.

Next week: Daniels vs. Hammerjack

Afterthoughts: Not a whole to get excited about in this week’s episode. With Mercer, Shatter and Stevens all off TV, and several other key players absent, the SAW roster was mighty for this taping. It’s a double whammy because nothing related to the SAW title happens on TV, as the storylines and players involved in the title picture have historically been one of the product’s strongest points. Story advancement was pretty scarce this week. The problems DKE is having with ultimate whipping boy/screw up, Johnny Bandanna, appear to be coming to a head, and none too soon. Don’t get me wrong. I love DKE. “The Memphis Mogul”, “Teen Excitement” and the irrepressible Bandana are all great characters. The deal with Bandanna being tied to the chair was cleverly hilarious and easily the most entertaining aspect of the show. But it’s getting to the point that they’re overexposed. The match with Picture Perfect was fine in isolation, but it was all stuff we’ve seen before. God only knows where they go with Picture Perfect if and when their feud with DKE ends. The role of babyface champions is a stretch, and it’s not like there are other challengers waiting in the wings. Genesis and Emerson had a totally solid match. It’s too bad about that finish, though. Genesis must be a very slow learner. How many times is he going to get duped? Mitchell had a good outing in his first win. We can see that he’s an athletic, well-built guy with a cocky attitude, but that’s about it. One of Paul Adams’ greatest gifts is character development. One can hope he will put those talents to work with Mitchell. It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for SAW lately. Their production equipment was stolen. The new SAW Mill went down the tubes, resulting in that ghastly makeshift taping at the Gulas Memorial. The alliance with George Gulas didn’t pan out. The previously announced return to the Fairgrounds apparently is not going to happen. This first taping back at the Stadium Inn was an improvement, but it was still a far cry from the quality of shows SAW has producing in 2009 on through the first half of 2010.   

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