Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Straight Flush "Roll Call" by Pokerface Part 1

----Here is the latest from PKO.  This will be split up for two days - it was a big ass column!! LOL

Role Call

I'm gonna do a brief overview on some of the talent in this area. I'm not going to bury anybody, even though some really deserve it. I'm just gonna give my thoughts on the average to great wrestlers in this area. I'm not gonna kiss anybody's ass or anything. Just an unbiased opinion with personal feelings aside. If I forget to mention someone, get over it you mark! My opinion won't make or break you. Here goes.

Alan Steele : Great worker, very underrated, doesn't play the political game in the dressing room. I think he's like me, he'll play it where it counts.He's a better bad guy guy than a good guy. Brutal in the ring. He's like a cross between Finlay and Harley Race.

Christian Jacobs : I love wrestling him. Very physical in the ring. A better good guy than a bad guy in my opinion.

Blalok the Blazer : Underrated. Helluva worker. Legitimately disliked by most. A natural heat magnet. A damn genius. He gets what the business is about.

Carnage Antwane : Love wrestling him. His latest gimmick should've had a bigger TV audience.

Tommy Wayne : I had a solid match against him a few months ago. He took my physicality like a man. Good worker.

Hambones : I hear a lot of bad things said about them, but I would book them any day. They are something that most wrestlers aren't. DEPENDABLE !

Frankie Tucker : Solid worker. Not flashy but effective. I like him as a either a good or bad guy. He will light you up.

V - Man : Underrated. One of the few big men in this area who can actually WRESTLE. With more exposure, a force to be reckoned with.

Dustin Starr : If you like him or not, it don't matter. He bust his ass and got a contract. Good self promoter. Solid in the ring. His heart is in participating and not officiating.

Byron Wilcott : Journeyman in the business. A real passion for wrestling. Inventive in the ring. To some people he comes across as a bit pushy, but he loves what he does and expects no less.

Rude : I'll try to be objective as a I can. Great worker. Can adapt to almost any style.  Believable the ring. He still coaches me on things. Brutal at times and underrated. He's good as a good and bad guy.

Chris O'Neal : Wrestled him when he started. Has come a long way. Like him as a good guy. Needs stronger mic skills.

Jon Michael : Like him as a good guy. It seems he has toughened up over the years. I've never had a bad match against him.

The Golden Boy : He's a throwback to old school. Good mic skills. I like him better as a bad guy.

Derrick King : Good as a good or bad guy. Good ring general. He needs to let loose and show us once again what he can really do. Great on the mic.

Kevin White : Some people say he's too old school. I've never had a bad match against him. He shows more of what he can do on house shows than on TV. He and Bill Dundee tagged against me and Rude, we tore the house down.

J.D. Kerry : In my opinion, the best new thing in this area in the last few years. We have tore the house down just working out in the ring.

Angela " Candy" DeBella  : Good newcomer. Spotty. Needs to pull back on that. She humbly takes advice and she's always on the road. Very physical in the ring. She will be beat the hell outta ya!

Bishop : Brute strength, He can actually wrestle. Has good psychology. With more exposure, top dollar.

Precious : Great gimmick. Needs more exposure. Very mouthy, but won't talk behind your back. Needs to observe more than speak. He will say it to your face. I can respect that.

Kilo : Solid worker. Pops in and out of wrestling a lot. Needs to stay consistent.

POKERFACE : Honestly, a solid worker, not flashy, but physical. Gets the nature of the business. Good ring general. Not innovative when it comes to moves. But the end of a lot of his high profile matches are interesting.(I'm talking in code here guys)  Needs to be more selfish in some situations. Learning to be more of a self promoter. His wresting personality, in my opinion, outweighs his athleticism. Good as a good or bad guy. Needs to travel more.

Officer Hudson : Very comfortable on the mic to my surprise. Wish he had the opportunity to travel like I used to. He will ask a lot of questions and he wants to learn. Once he gets the psychology down and more ring time, a potential force.

Eric Wayne : I like him only as bad guy. Needs to show people who he is with action and not with words. Helluva bad guy in Illinois in January. His first time there I think.

Kid Nikels  - I haven't seen his new persona, but I hear good things. In my opinion I wouldn't use a chokeslam. I think guys maybe 6'6" and over should use it. In all fairness, I don't think Edge should use the spear either. But Kid, if people buy it, go with it.