Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Straight Flush "Roll Call" by Pokerface Part 2

----PKO finishes up with his column.

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Johnny Dotson : Not as arrogant as he used to be. But still arrogant. lol. Hellified punches.
Came back from a very bad injury. A better bad guy than good guy.

Stan Lee : Great athleticism. Haven't heard his mic ability in awhile. When working for others, needs a better attitude. I've never had a bad match with him.

Angelina (Rush) : Heat magnet in and out of the ring. Improving on the mic. Needs more ring time away and in front of the crowd.

Mr. Pimptacular: Not a ring technician. Doesn't claim to be. Good brawler. Has even given me ideas for matches. He's smarter when it comes to certain things in wrestling than he realizes. Can regroup well if something gets botched. He knows what I'm referring to.

Seth Knight : Creative in the ring. Comes up with cool stuff. Has improved a lot since his "Predator" days. On the verge of being a good ring general.

Rik Burton ( San Francisco Treat) : I've had good matches with him. He's a solid wrestler. Gun shy and at times too safe. Needs to turn match creativity up in long programs. But he has good psychology. Decent mic skills. He was able to get the gay gimmick over like a million bucks.

Adrian Stratton : Has potential. A gentle giant if you will. Needs more intensity and fundamentals. Like a lot of big guys, he may be afraid of seriously injuring somebody. Needs to come out of his shell.

Sweet Daddy (Soultrain) Jones : Helluva build. Strong as a damn ox. LISTENS very well. Another gentle giant, so to speak. I've never seen him as a bad guy. But as big and as intimidating as he is, I love him as a good guy. Very humble.  Needs to open up and relax. Just don't piss his big ass off.

Fabulous Chris Rocker : Can turn it up if he wants to. Good ring general. Shit starter in the dressing room.( I mean that in a fun way) Didn't play the politics game in wrestling. Would love to see him with that KAW intensity again.

Big Red: In years past, very underrated. Just speaking from things in the past, he needs to assert himself more with input. Again, speaking from the past. Can do his thing, if promoters would give him the chance.

Maxx Corbin: Haven't seen him in the ring in awhile, even though we've been on the same show. That's cuz we are usually doing things in the back we shouldn't. We've had good tag matches in the past.

Rashard Devon : Great transition from ref to manager. He's like me at times and gets carried away. Has improve TONS on the mic since first getting camera time. I don't have to feed him lines anymore. lol. More vicious than some of the wrestlers out there. He can actually chain wrestle.

Tatt2 : Needs a more humble attitude. Very athletic. Needs to travel more. I've never had a bad match with him.

Chris Lexx : Another guy that has improved. Plus the only guy to have broken one of my teeth. Needs to stop being so tempermental  with guys of lesser skills. Needs to travel more and stay focused.

The Crime: This guy can work. Be more efficient on the mic. Again, needs to travel more.

Tejano Kid : Natural heat with the fans. Loved by the wrestlers. On rare occasions, make sure he pulls the fans strings and not the other way around. Not a technician in the ring. But with heat like that, who needs it?

Southside Brawler : Solid worker. Very quick thinker on the mic. Can be creative in the ring when he feels like it.

Malik the Great : Solid worker. Definitely needs to travel more to grow as a wrestler. Decent mic skills. Like him as a bad guy.

Rocking Randy : I use to watch him when he was still training. Physical in the ring. Not a bad athlete. 

Acid (Chelios) : I'm a big fan of this mf.  A very limber big man. Actually very creative. I like him only as a bad guy.

Logan Fury : Improved in the ring after he started asserting himself and feeling "it". A natural bad guy. He can be a handful in the dressing room, too. But that's just him. If you don't like it, he don't care.

Austin Lane : Out of all the guys I met when they just started, he was the only guy  that, in my opinion, went from shitty to " damn this mf is good." I love working him. We hung real tight when we did WWE TV together. 

Jon Alan : Has mega potential. Always eager to workout in the ring and learn. With improved psychology, watch out!

Ike Tucker : He's wrestled for the AWA and WWF. So next. LOL. Nice guy. Too nice when it comes to greenhorns sometimes. They assert themselves a little too much in matches when they should show more respect.

Luke Graham Jr : Hey greenhorns! Luke loves for you to come to him with a lot of new and fresh ideas. Don't give him a chance to speak. He hates that.

Motley Cruz : Hey he's help make me into the wrestler I am now.

Tasha Simone : Same as the above. She's a bitch and she knows it. Show humility, heart, and respect, she will teach you a lot.

Rodney Mack : He has taught me and others  ALOT! Still can't understand why he loves the business the way he does. Very honest. Brutally honest if need be. He won't bullshit you.Very humble when he could easily be conceited.

I know I've left a lot of names off. But I'm tired of typing. Again, these just my opinions. They have no weight. Until next time, God Bless and keep your pimp hand strong.