Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Straight Flush "Roll Call" by Pokerface Part 3

----PKO returns for Part 3 of this week's favorite column.

----This was planned as a two part one, but Poker sent in the following to finish it up.  CLICK HERE for Part 1 and CLICK HERE for Part 2.

Reno Diamond : Has probably injured me more than anybody I've ever wrestled. lol. I've referred to him as the black Jeff Hardy. Reno is another guy who needs a bigger audience to do his thing. His mic skills are stronger as a bad guy than a good guy, but that's most guys. I like him better as a good guy.

Ace :Very agile . Good athlete. Needs to keep wrestling on a consistent basis. He really needs to wrestle outside of the tri-state area.

(Asylum) Psycho and Pappy : These guys, besides the Hambones, are probably the only REGULAR, consistent, legit tag team in this area, or at least that I know of. Good brawlers. They will travel. Believable gimmick. They would do great in other regions.

Marcus O'Neal : Solid worker. Not being funny, but has put on a lot of weight the last few years. One of the few guys in this area that has wrestled up north. Will be awesome once he becomes a ring general.

Aaron Xtacy : Has a lot of heart. Spotty though. Once he slows down and has a reason for every move, will be a great asset.

Big Josh(Chaos) : Agile as hell for a man of his size. He travels, so that's good. Still learning. He has a lot of charisma. With more seasoning, he's gonna be even more awesome.

Shawn Reed : I've seen him wrestle a few times. Solid worker. A good bad guy. He's like me, his personality outweighs his athleticism And that's not a bad thing. Good on the mic.

Kolby Stern : Even though he doesn't wrestle anymore, a good wrestler. Tons of charisma. When I first saw him wrestle I watch him for one minute and knew he knew what he was doing in the ring.

Jazz : Former WWE Women's Champion. Knows her shit. Very intense. Better than majority of male wrestlers. Works a lot and patient with greener female wrestlers.

Lucky : Has gotten very intense the last few years. Very intense.  He has gotten better also.

Biscuit : Crowd tends to love him. He needs to work more on fundamentals. Needs to leech onto a seasoned veteran to get polished up

East Coast Bad Boys : Crowd goes nuts over these guys. Very innovative in the ring. I wish Spiro and Serpent could've had a a fair chance on Memphis Wrestling. Would be awesome in ROH or Chikara.

Loose Cannon : If booked the right way, he would be a good asset to any roster. Me personally, I would only book him as a good guy.

Oz: I've been hearing a lot about his latest gimmick. Still needs to work on basic fundamentals. He needs to find a persona and stick with it. Has changed his gimmick too much over the years. Love him as a manager.

That's all I'm typing. I may do this again soon. Guys remember, not everyone can me a master ring technician. The goal is to be something that people want to see and believe in, and to be able to make people want to pay to see you.Take pride in what you do, how you perform, and how you look. Wrestle, perform, entertain, etc...out side the box. Because shit gets old quick these days. Do your own thing. Stop copying WWE.