Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tony Dabbs Gone From TFW - Intense Pro Wrestling Set To Debut On May 7th!!

----RRO spoke with Tony Dabbs early tonight.

TGB vs Dabbs
----Tony Dabbs, who worked and booked for almost 9 years for TFW, is done.  TFW was started by Dabbs and his step dad Wayne Blaylock.  As the years went by, Dabbs sold his part to Blaylock with Wayne having full control.  Apparently, Wayne is no longer his step dad, so Tony is out to start his own promotion in the Tupelo area.  

----IPW - Intense Pro Wrestling - debuts in Tupelo on May 7, 2011.  Dabbs told me, "I got a full card ready, but just waiting around for everyone to confirm."  RRO will keep you informed and I hope to have the full debut card announced early next week.