Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wednesday Conversation with Jeremy Moore

----RRO sit down via e-mail with Jeremy Moore for this week's Conversation.

So, let's just start with you telling us how it feels being 2 weeks away from the end of NBW in Newbern? Enjoying your time off?
I'm absolutely enjoying this time off. Alot of guys would say around 5 years isn't enough time to want a break, but those same guys haven't had to run a show as well as wrestle at the same time. As far as NBW ending in Newbern, it's bittersweet. I miss it, and I knew I would, but at the same time I didn't wanna get burned out. When I came to Newbern there was virtually NOBODY in the crowd, it took around 2 years to build that place from the ground up. It's really an odd feeling to not have to worry with all the day to day activities that came along with NBW, and having to actually revolve the whole weekend and everything I do around saturday night's show. It's different for sure!
Why did you and your dad sell??

First and foremost let me be very clear, we sold because we wanted to, not because we had to. It wasn't some big takeover. I was making money, and I was well compensated for that show, WINNING I'd say! But why we sold was for the same reasons really, burn out. Him probably more than me, because he invested most of the money. He misses it as well, but is enjoying his long awaited break. Although, only 2 weeks away and He is already getting "the itch", so it remains to be seen how long He can actually stay away. Me on the other hand, I already have BIG plans.

How do you think you were able to keep the storyline going with NBW vs MACW for so long??

Simple. Because it was real. It was a hot angle. People believed it, especially when I ended the show in Dyersburg early and brought the crowd to Newbern to watch Myself and the rest of "MACW" destroy the NBW locker room. NBW vs. DCW or MACW, whatever you prefer, was about 2 years or so in the making. Anyone who keeps up with your site on a regular basis should know the backstory. Family vs. Family, in real life. When NBW was in Dyersburg, We were told to get out by the end of 2008 by the Walkers. NBW had no place to go. So, Simon Reed was running RWL in Newbern on friday nights, but was ready to give the building up, thats when we started working things out for NBW to move literally 2 miles down the road from the rebirthed DCW. I was going to be running head to head against my Aunt right down the road. It was actually very silly, and really did cause a big strain in the family. I was told by many of the boys on my show that NBW simply wouldn't survive in Newbern. They told me that nobody could ever draw there, so I made it a point to prove them wrong. DCW/MACW had the upper hand for awhile, they actually took most of my roster, I basically had to start fresh, which I have had to do alot. I will admit that after we bought MACW I was very excited. It was a great feeling to walk right into Dyersburg and have my Aunt admit she had to sell to me. I love Sandra to death, we are actually alot alike, we LOVE to compete.
Where you happy with the end of the story??
Ecstatic! It couldn't have ended any better. The NBW crowd despised me and anything to do with MACW or the Anarchy. The story really boosted OZ to the next level, in my opinion. He probably gained the most from the whole experiance. OZ and Road Dogg were a better combination than I could have imagined. I was so pleased with how things played out.

You were first told you were #1 - going to be the booker of FTW and #2 - you were going to work with them. What happened with that situation??
I was approached to book FTW, and when I was first asked I told them to let me consider things. I really wanted a break. After I had thought about it I had a meeting with Mad Money Mike. I told him I would book the show and take about a month out of the ring. We discussed everything from a budget to what my compensation would be. We shook hands and Mike said let him make sure everything was cool and He would get with me to finalize things. It seemed like everything was good until I started hearing rumors at the show about Sarge coming in to book. I had heard the rumors before, but it seemed like they were squashed. Just to make sure everything was okay, I tried to get in touch with Mike, and I wasn't able to for awhile. I finally talked to Mike's wife and said I needed to speak with him about a problem, and a little later I got a call from Mark. Mark informed me that they had found someone else, but didn't say who, although I already knew at the time. I finally did speak with Mike and it seemed as if Sarge was the route Mark wanted to go, which was okay. I just simply needed to know. I honestly felt a bit betrayed by Mark over the whole situation, and we even spoke over the phone about it and were cool.
Now as far as working, I wasn't going to at first due to the whole booking situation. Then as time went on I started leaning more towards doing it and keeping things going as long as it made sense and was good for the show. Then the night of Legacy 4 Mark wasn't happy with a call I made on his tag title match against Tim Edwards and Brad Badd, so He and I tried to work it out where we would both be happy and it didn't pan out. So he opted not to wrestle. In a way, that and the whole booking situation hurt. I really feel as though I have stood by Mark for a long time, I didn't feel as if he stood by me though. Mark sit out on me. I understand it was a business call on his end, I get that, but after all this time it just seemed like he wasn't there for me. I have taken up for Mark alot of times when guys told me he wasn't a top guy, My dad has even more than myself. Mark was definately a top guy for me, especially in Dyersburg with the Riot Squad. So, after that happened along with a few other things, and the fact that I think Sarge doesn't like me, I decided I'd rather not do the show. Mike was very generous and really wanted me on the show, and for that I appreciate the good things he had to say about me. So no hard feelings, just business.
What are you feelings on Mark Justice and Mad Money Mike on them being successful in that building??
It's alot of work. That's why I thought they should have kept me as booker, I mean we had a winning combination no doubt. The fans were very into NBW, especially since around Christmas, and the crowd was growing every week. They could definately be successful, or they could fall flat on their face. It's really all in how they handle their business, a tough lesson I had to learn many times over.
The first show drew about a normal number - will they be able to keep it up??

That remains to be seen. In my opinion, as well as many others, they are drawing from what I built. The key is keeping the fans interested and keeping them guessing. People can say what they want about my booking but I have ALWAYS been consistent in my numbers. NBW was never better than it was the last 3 months in Newbern. 2010 was a great year for NBW, thanks to a great crew and special thanks to Chris Rocker for many phone calls during the week bouncing ideas off one another, the guy is really smart. But, can they keep it up? Who knows?

I know you used Sarge O'Reilly to help with your booking at one time. Do you think Sarge can book a good show?

When it comes to booking, Sarge and I have a totally different view point. Sarge thinks I know nothing about booking, of course I guess winning booker of the year means nothing, but I digress. Sarge and I can go in the ring and have the crowd in the palm of our hand from bell to bell, easy, but behind closed doors we clash. It's as simple as that. Sarge has told me he can book a better show than me and I think he is out to prove it. I believe it bothers him that I had control of the book when he was at NBW. I think he believed he deserved full control. I have heard that Sarge has been telling people that My dad and I have screwed him over, I disagree. Sarge knew the deal when he came to NBW. Now don't get me wrong, Sarge was a tremendous help, but we couldn't get along. When he and XOW jumped from NBW to DCW I was told he tried to get the XOW guys to completely no show me, that isn't cool. He wanted to hurt my show and me in the process. Alot of things were done the wrong way on my side and his, but in the end it's just better if Sarge and I don't have anything to do with one another when it comes to booking. Do I think Sarge can book a good show? potentially, but only time will tell.
What is the future of NBW?? Are you ready to reveal your plans??
Let me put it this way, I'm watching and listening to everything that everyone is saying. All the bragging, all the trash talk, everything. NBW WILL be back, that's for sure. There will be alot of things done differently. All these guys going around bad mouthing me will have no spot, thats all there is to it. I'm paying attention, whether you know it or not. When it comes to business, as my dad says, I'm ruthless. I don't care what it takes, or who I have to allign myself with to win. I never set out to be #2, ever. If I would beat my own family, what makes you think I wouldn't do it to anyone else, that's just business. I love a new challenge. Me vs. Derrick King is a perfect example, DK probably couldn't stand me after all the things he and I did when he was in charge of TLCW. DK did eventually tell me that I did it, I won. That meant alot coming from him, I appreciated hearing it. NBW is taking a break, but We are coming back... Where is the question, and all these questions will be answered soon enough. It's gonna be a little while though, so sit tight.

As far as what I will be doing, I have had alot of offers, but I really have 1 place in mind that I am working on finalizing a deal with, and if things work out then I will be behind them 110%. Now if anyone is interested in booking me they can contact me at
I would like to finish by thanking everyone who made NBW possible, all the way from Mo on down the line. Especially my last crew of guys in Newbern, you guys really stepped it up and made the last few months very memorable. Also thanks to all the fans who supported NBW, it was greatly appreciated. Thanks to you BT and RRO news for covering NBW all this time, good or bad. And last but most certainly not least, thanks to my Dad. Without him NBW would have never been possible, He in my opinion is the best promoter in this area, and not because he is my Dad, but because he has given the fans something to look forward to, and brought top stars in our business for everyone to enjoy, whether it came out of pocket or not. stay tuned to RRO to find out when and where NBW will be next!!!