Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arena Report: ACW Jonesboro, AR 4.08.11

----Arena Report from Friday night. 

----Biscuit beat Hillbilly Tucker.  Just basic psychology with Biscuit as the heel just taking over.  The only thing you can do to get a good match out of Tucker.  Tucker won with a roll up. [*1/2]

----Lance Borduex/Debo beat "S&S Express".  Debo tried.  He did a good job with what he could do.  Lance was not good and not dressed like a wrestler.  Debo pinned one of the guys with a splash. [DUD]

----Morgan Williams/Big Al beat "Lethal Leprechauns" [Lethal/Lucky] in the best match on the show.  Good solid bout with perfect psychology.  Heat on Lucky.  Lucky was good here bumping perfectly.  Hot tag was cut off quick. [no one is going to believe Lucky knocking these guys down] and they finished him off with a cool cobra clutch-superkick-stroke combo finisher. [**3/4]

----Psycho beat Gary Diamond to win the ACW Title.  Just basic psychology with Diamond trying to bodyslam Psycho a few times.  Diamond is always solid, but just sooo skinny. Diamond with two superkicks. Diamond with Savage elbow.  Ref bump with Diamond hitting  RKO.  Psycho used Kayte  to win.  Then beat him up after the match with the belt. [**1/2]

----Main Event -I did not stay for this match because these guys were not trained and do not deserve to be even mentioned or watched.  Matches like that should NEVER happen.


----40 + in the building...Building is in a bad spot and is just horrible.  Crowd was real loud, but overall the building sucks...One of the refs looked 12 years old...Best match I have seen Biscuit in. It was not anything great, but he was working Tucker, but worked him perfect...I was told that "S&S Express" were not trained or being trained.  They were horrible...Big Al/Morgan are a good mid-level heel team.  They worked fast and everything looked solid.  They are doing some kind of gay gimmick where Al is wearing a "Bog Saget" shirt - just horrible stuff from the announcing team.  Have no idea where this came from??... Psycho looked as fast as Diamond.  I like Diamond under a mask better - you are not looking at how skinny he really is...There was some guy walking around with a sweatshirt on with "Mad Dog" on it - done with a magic marker.  Just horrible!!!...Lucky has improved tons and you could probably use him as midget gimmick, but very limited on believability... Announcing was bad.  Not only did they do the gay jokes, but also had some kind of penis reference.  Lethal also made mention of his penis on the mic.  There was way too many kids in the building to be doing jokes like that...I can not really recommend this show, because of the building and the level of some of the talent.  I would take Diamond, Psycho, Debo, Biscuit [as a ref], Big Al and Williams - get some more talent and a new building - and work from there.